January 5, 2013

Cocoon Boutique Hotel

time check: 8:00 am

New Year Breakfast.

What can be more fitting as a first good morning feature than that first ever breakfast of the year 2013? After an indescribable and a week-long Christmas break in the province (story hop here), I thought I need to reassess my life (naks) and plot action plans on how to achieve my gazillion and Godzilla-big dreams in 2013 – how to do that? Me Time. Quiet Time. Far away from my (the) world time. But before I get all too Elizabeth Gilbert on this whole New Year emo-ness, let us go back to ze breakfast.

Before I forget – Happy New Year! :)

I woke up a little late (but still before nine! Yes!) on my first Year 2013 morning because (a) the New Year’s Eve was too beautiful to sleep on – fireworks and hopes and dreams! (b) I was all snuggly and cocooned in a 400 thread count Egyptian cotton linen and gently cribbed on a memory mattress in Cocoon Boutique Hotel in Quezon City.

Cocoon Hotel serves its breakfast – where else? – on the breakfast deck located at the topmost floor, by the pool and overlooking the Quezon City Skyline.

image via legazpifabmoda

A newspaper was waiting for us on the Table. The New Year Headline read: 2013 Critical for the Philippines. It must have something to do with sustaining the promising 2012 investment climate blah or the 2013 election blah – I never got to read the content. Oh no! I even missed my horoscope. :p

breakfast buffet
There is a modest buffet of champorado (chocolate rice porridge and milk, of course), muffins, loaf and wheat breads and spreads in different variants: strawberry, blueberry, butter (I love how butter is in our language, mantekilya), fruit platters and fruit juices.

omelette and pankcake station

An omelette and pancake station is manned by a Lifestyle Network-looking chef beating eggs and fluffing pancakes non-stop. Guests are to order on the spot and sometimes made to wait on the spot. I am not so much into waiting and so I did not sample their omelette and pancakes anymore.

Breakfast is really my favorite meal of the day especially on non-working and non-rushing days when I get to mull over why breakfast food is so territorial. One time I was served adobo and sinigang for breakfast and I got all Cruella Dev-il exclaiming :"BUTTTT this is real food, I NEED breakfast food, you understand?? Bacon, Eggs, Tuyo, Tinapa, Kamatis at Suka, Red eggs, Sinangag - not this, this, watcha call this???"

champorado + ensaymada

I first sampled champorado and ensayamada.


My choice among the many options for the breakfast meal is the daing na bangus breakfast topped with onions and fried garlic with vinegar, the omnipresent breakfast staple (redundant, but I wish to appear smart by typing in the word omnipresent – haha!) egg (I like mine scrambled), wheat bread and of course, every sexy Pinay’s favourite – rice! I love breakfasts! I love New Years!

Alan, another before-niner, had tapa (it was rather sweet, I am not too keen on sweet ulam’s), scrambled egg and every sexy Pinoy’s favourite – rice!  I love breakfasts! I love New Years!

Go Green

Plants, pots, the sunlight and greeneries. I felt like I was in my grade school green house, only a thousand times better!

I spent the New Year away from home and while part of me regrets not spending this very important holiday with my family (most sexy Pinays are family oriented, I am the perfect – specimen), haha, I feel overjoyed to have crossed off one of those nagging items in my bucket list (Christmas with Family, New Year with Friends), served like a queen by Cocoon Hotel’s staff (I can get used to this, oh, no guilt tripping on the feeling of selfishness and indulgence) and simply did something that I like to do.  It was overall a refreshing experience I do not mind doing over and over again.

I love mornings!

(Pancake) Cheers to a beautiful day ahead!

All Sunshiny,

Before Niner

Cocoon Boutique Hotel
61 Scout Tobias corner Scout Rallos Streets,
Bgy Laging Handa,
Quezon City 1103, Philippines
Trunklines: 632- 9212706 to 08
Fax Number: 632- 4137281

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