January 19, 2013

Sunrise Shots

time check: 6:20 am

Photo by Alan David

The Day Before
November 29,2012
On a plane ride to Cebu City

 Our flight to Cebu City was late for 20 minutes. I was all Cruella minutes before boarding the plane - this tardiness will ruin our itinerary; oh, what to do with the Philippine airline industry; i will miss my sunrise on the plane experience - the sole reason I agreed to having a dawn flight!!! But Mister Sun did not disappoint. He waited for me - his VIP, his special guest - he sought to tease and impress and I was a willing audience. Thick cotton clouds rolled up like mountains or like waves in the ocean. And the sky was midnight blue. And then dark purple. And then orange. And then these three colors just stacked themselves together and gave us this shot. I think the picture is beautiful, the experience, however, is beyond beautiful.

time check: 6:15 am

Photo by Alan David
The Day After
November 30, 2012
Sipaway Island, Negros Occidental

It was a little difficult to get out of bed after a long commute from Mactan City, Cebu to Sipaway Island which we endured the day before: the plane ride, the rickety old bus ride, the padyak ride to the port, the ro-ro trip, the banca trip and then the pedicab ride to the resort. It might seem simple when the task is just to enumerate the number and types of rides but it took us 3/4 of a day to finally set foot on the quiet and beautiful Sipaway island. But a beach trip is never ever complete without seeing the marriage of the sky and the sea on a beautiful morning. The sight was ever so magical, it was worth every minute or second of loss of sleep.

Cheers to a beautiful day ahead!

All Sunshiny,

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