February 16, 2013

Apartment 1B

time check: 7:45 am

While not-so-secretly steaming about not having received a breakfast date invitation for Valentine's day (haha - sorry, but I believe every milestone and event should be celebrated with a big breakfast blow out!!), I wish to reward myself with a beautiful weekend breakfast memory.

"What's in their playlist? Can I ask kuya what their playlist is?", I squirmed in my seat. A music was playing with just the right amount of volume to pull me towards dreaming about wearing a pencil cut skirt, pearls around my neck, hands in white gloves while holding a luxury handbag on the left and a dog leash on the other (the leash is attached to my, uhm, poodle? yes, poodle.) while walking on some cobble-stoned street in dreamy Paris on my way to a breakfast date in a quaint cafe - al fresco. Bonjour! Bonjour! (the only French word that I know - and I still have to google it - "how to say good morning in French" - haha!!).

Nope. I was not in a French restaurant to conjure these Parisian dreams, oh joie de vivre, but the restaurant was serenading the diners with instrumental French music while having breakfast - it brought tears in my eyes and in my bagel with the soft and perfectly-foamy cream cheese from Apartment 1B

This breakfast-serving treasure jumped out of me when I flipped a page in Alicia Colby-Sy's Eat Out Now! 115 Manila Restaurants We Love and it lured me with the description, opened from 7am to...

Interiors in romantic yellow lights - at first I thought of it as too dim for breakfast but anyone trying to achieve a romantic and cozy feel ought to make the lights dim... and mellow yellow. :)

 Ladies and gentlemen, we pause for some morning news break!!!:) I never got to read the newspaper because ze breakfast demanded my full 200% attention....

Apartment 1B Big Breakfast| 2 eggs cooked any style with smoked bacon, English bangers, Canadian ham, home fries, toast |  Php580.00

This was my choice for breakfast because whatever dish is named after the restaurant itself is a must-try!  It is a mix of all things glorious about breakfast - bacon, egg, toasts, potatoes, salads and sausages - it is as if the chefs cannot really decide which makes a perfect breakfast recipe so they whipped up all the BEST breakfast food, placed them in a plate, did a little styling and ta-dahh!!!

Here's a little trivia I wish to share for those who, like me, have zero knowledge on food (I just eat them!!). Why are Sausages Called Bangers? (The menu said I would be eating bangers so I did a little research to know what I am getting myself into - hahaha!)

From the Daily Mail

The sausage, one of the oldest types of processed food in history, can be traced back to ancient times. British pork sausages have been mass produced since the 19th century.The Victorians, sceptical of what was actually in a sausage and suspecting the presence of rather a lot of horsemeat, nicknamed them ‘Little Bags of Mystery’.

After the outbreak of World War I, food shortages led to a dramatic reduction of meat, of any sort, in sausages. Instead, producers packed them out with scraps, cereal and water, which caused them to pop and hiss when cooked on shovels over open fires in the trenches of northern Europe — hence ‘bangers’.

See? Breakfast makes one smart!! haha!:)

Bagel and Cream Cheese | Cream cheese, seasonal fruits| Php290.00

This was Alan's choice.
The cream cheese... to die for!! I spread the love cream cheese on my share of bagel, skipped the butter and spread it again on my toasts and then seeing that I have no more bread, I mustered all the courage to NOT call on the waiter, have it taken out and spread it on the Skyflakes I recently purchased, safely tucked in my closet (yes, closet) at home. :) Superb. Splendid. Impeccable. Sorry, first time ko kasi makatikim ng cream cheese, pang Kraft Eden Cheese lang kasi ako dati - hahaha!:)
Dessert is usually skipped because we are stingy ;p (magtipid!) but because almost everyone who has been to Apartment 1 B is raving about the White Toblerone Cake, we gave in.

Another day started with a happy belly.:)

All Sunshiny,

Apartment 1B

G/F Unit 1-B One Lafayette Square
132 Sedeno St Salcedo Village, Makati
(02) 843-4075

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