February 3, 2013

Batad in the Morning

time check: 6:00 am
extremely cold morning
Batad, Ifugao


One: Rumpled Sheets and Lovely View

We were assigned a room in the attic (the key holder reads ATIK)  where rooms have 360 degrees view of everything beautiful about Batad. But the best view of all is on the common room/hallway where two Czechoslovakians were assigned a bed. Good thing they woke up early so I took advantage and snapped a shot of their lovely spot.

Two: Ups and Downs

There is no P-Noy touch in Batad, in other words, walang daang matuwid. Seriously, it's all up and down and up and down - these stairs woke my legs up as I needed to go through them to catch a glimpse of MY (yes, my :)) sunrise.

Three: Sunrise and its Magic 

Sunrise is pure beauty - it is worth every shortened Brad Pitt dreams. :)

Four: Milo Drink and the Terraces

I poured the entire content of a Milo powdered drink in sachet into a glassful of hot water - it turned out malabnaw and bland and in normal days, I would have thrown it away but - but this is not a normal day. It is a beautiful morning by the Terraces and instantly, the tasteless becomes flavorful. The bad becomes good.The darkness turns to light. Haha! Mapapa-kape ka sa sarap. Milo pala. :) 

Five : Time for Breakfast

It's a little unfortunate Hillside Inn was not serving authentic Batad breakfast dish, but when all else fails - hotdogs and corned beef and eggs are sure to save the day!

Six: And the Rest of My Morning

 And the rest of my morning was spent waiting for the clouds to make the summit big reveal, reading a page of Rita Gelman's Tales of A Female Nomad, slipping on moist grounds where a nipa hat stood strong and steady and forcing my colors to blend with nature - red+gold+black+blue on brown+yellow+green and sprinkles of lavender. :)

Seven: The Terraces
It used to be just an answer to Grade 4 Sibika at Kultura exams where a student is asked to enumerate the magagandang tanawin sa ating bansa. It will always be number one - the ubiquitous hagdang-hagdang palayan.  Last Sunday, it was my breakfast view. :)

Happy Morning. Happy Day!

All Sunshiny,

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