February 10, 2013


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"But it's my daughter's birthday and I brought her here for breakfast", said the mommy by the counter. "Pero ma'am, may event po kasi by 11:00 mamaya, kailangan na naming magset-up", replied the ate in hairnet and Cath Kidston apron. I was 1/3 eavesdropping, 1/3 paying my bills and 1/3 taking pictures at the counter. A daughter and a birthday - oh Lord, please soften the heart of ate in her lovely apron because you can break my heart, but not this kid's heart - she has to have her breakfast right here, right now. The answer from the heaven was quick, "sige po ma'am, 30 minutes". The mom sped off to get her daughter. Dear Lord, I was not really serious about that thing on getting my heart broken ha, that little girl, it's her birthday - every little girl should have the privilege of celebrating her birthday, a breakfast birthday bash at Stacy's

It was a lovely Sunday morning of making one of my dreams come true. I've been dreaming about the place after having read all about it in the Real Living Magazine - and when I found a window of opportunity, I dragged Mika (my cousin) and Isabelini (my sister) and jumped right into it. We have entered into a doll house magnified to fit in the not-so-little boys and girls who for a few hours want to live in a dream. I was all giddy - finally, finally Stacy's!

Interiors pa lang, ulam na!!:) And now, ze breakfast. I specifically requested the two young ladies with me to order just breakfast food to qualify to my libre ang breakfast mechanics BUT the sister was insistent on a meal under the BRUNCH menu with a rather strong defense that the word BRUNCH (breakfast + lunch) still has breakfast in it so I gave in. I made it up by ordering not one but TWO breakfast meals for ME. mwahahaha!!

CEREALOVERS MIX. Crunchy banana and nut cereal blended with honey corn flakes, fruit loops and the nutty goodness of their home-made granola. Served with cold vanilla milk, a cup of fresh fruits and a glass of OJ| Php 175

I gave in to my cereals-craving and though in most occasions I would shy away from anything edible with milk in it (I do not drink milk - sad, I know), this is an exception. I loved the mix with fresh fruits and nuts!

CLARA'S FEAST. Dried salted fish folded into buttery fried rice, sweet chorizo bits and golden kernels, topped with more flakes of salted fish and finished with a dallop of fresh mango-tomato salsa and sunny side-up eggs| Php 180

Clara's Feast is a perfect balance of salty and sweet. :)

RISE 'N SHINE: Crunchy yet savory garlic longanisa with cane vinegar and choice of seasonings. Served hot and hashed with fluffy onion and tomato omelette and toasted garlic rice| Php 175

While we come from the province which produces the best longanisa in the country (hello Cagayan Valley!), this meal has rightfully satisfied our longanisa-discriminating taste.

TEXAS BARBECUE RIBS. Slow cooked and country style ribs with barbeque sauce served with herbed rice and steamed veggies| Php 245
I took one bite of Isabel's brunch order, nothing more. I am a before-nine-breakfast-only loyalist and I dare not commit a sin by indulging in the softness and sauciness of this, this temptation! haha!

Happy girls! Happy Mornings!

To my future daughter (whose name will be any of these two-"syllabicated" names Nana, Pia, Mia, Lia, or Eli), I promise to take you out on a breakfast date, sweetheart. Here, at Stacy's.

All Sunshiny,

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1 Capitol Hills Drive Matandang Balara
Quezon City
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