March 7, 2013

Food Magazine

thank you FOOD Magazine for this wonderful breakfast issue!
i cannot wait to try out all the brekkie hotspots in the world!!!!

Ace Durano, the former DOT Secretary jogs in some landmarks of countries/places where he travels in, Bianca Gonzales takes "tumbling" pictures of herself, others buy postcards from the country they are visiting and mail the cards back to their home address(es) while many still buy ref magnets or shirts which shout "I LOVE *insert name of place here*" - me, for a million years I have been mulling over my signature travel quirk - well, I found it - WAKE UP EARLY & EAT BREAKFAST!!

so simple. and ready to mingle. (hahaha!)
via FOOD Magazine
via FOOD Magazine

Bacon-lover and sunshine-hoarder,

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