March 14, 2013

Good Morning Angus!

Every morning, right after shower and before breakfast, my eyes automatically zoom in to the little ball of cuteness under our stairs - and regardless of his disposition, whether awake, sleeping or playing with his toy bone, I always say out loud (usually my first words for the day) - "GOOD MORNING ANGUS!!!!!!! Good Morning Angussiemiomiemiebabylovieee!!!!!! Gussy, gussy, baby gussyy!!!!"

Angus is my sister's second baby. Her eldest is Bunny, a Shih Tzu, who has been keeping our mother company in Cagayan Valley. Oh cute little puppies!!:) 

Angus will be leaving for Cagayan Valley soon, he deserves a bigger and nicer home. But for the meantime that he is around, I will bask in this puppy delight and allow him to bite the end of my shoe lace.

To puppy-ful mornings!!

All Sunshiny,

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