April 27, 2013


time check: 7:15 am
Duumaguete City Public Market

There were a lot of nagging with the hotel management when they cannot open our restroom, "It's already 7 in the morning, I need to freshen up NOW and have my breakfast!". Deep inside my guilty heart (for this early morning hullabaloo), I was praying to not miss my before nine Painitan experience in the Dumaguete City public market. This is what I came here for. You know my travel creed, wake up early and eat breakfast!

And so it happened. Finally.

Dumaguete City has one of the Philippine's cleanest public market. Also, it has become a tourist attraction thanks to the Painitan, a place for an early morning spree of budbud and chocolate for early morning joggers and church goers (via negros chronicle). I was told they open as early as 3:00 in the morning.

I am not too keen with "sweet" meals, but this is one to try. Budbud paired with hot chocolate. Oh! We tried 3 variants - budbud plain, budbud tsokolate and the special budbud kabog. Budbud is Visayan for dear old suman. Kabog is extra special because it is made with millet seeds or what the ate in the painitan stall we had our breakfast in refer to as bird seeds. I had pancit for dessert, haha!

I love Painitan's early morning energy! I thought 7 in the morning is a tad too early for a weekday breakfast but no, the place is already packed with people enjoying their pan de sal, pancit, tsokolate and of course, the main (su)man, budbud!

*Off topic, but still in Dumaguete Public Market. We passed by an ATM - the Automated Tubig Machine! I love love how we, Filipinos, play with words!! And it is functional (haha, I am just so cynical)!! People were actually lining up to fill in their containers (I am doubtful this will work in Metro Manila but it is most definitely effective in the gentle Dumaguete City).

To sumptuous, burp-inducing and rich breakfast experience!

All Sunshiny,