August 24, 2013

Mary Grace Cafe

time check: 08:15 am

Is it Christmas already? In the Philippines, it's going to be so in a few weeks time. I love how our culture is so into the Holiday season because the Christmas cheer is so infectious - Oh BER months, take us with you now!!:-) 

Why all this Christmas talk? Our breakfast date last Saturday happened in one of my favorite restaurants in the world (yeah!) and after learning that they open for breakfast (some of their branches do, in our case, we visited their High Street branch), I jumped right into it and forced Alan to do the same. As if he had a choice (haha!). Mary Grace Cafe has an all-year-long Christmas vibe - yellow lights, brick walls, fireplace (I always think of fireplaces whenever I come over and visit the resto, even if they do not have one), grandmother's recipes, hot chocolate drinks, the people - family and friends sharing meals and its all-homey and comforting ambiance which spell out Christmas. All these are making me miss my family (which I only get to see every Christmas) and good ol' Jose Mari Chan and his recurring hit Christmas in Our Hearts.



(1) hot chocolate

(2) espresso
single shot for the man

(3) cheese roll
so soft - best served when toasted!
(4) cassava chips with onion dip
the menu classified this as breakfast appetizer - my favorite ever!
I had to source image from elsewhere because we ate the chips as soon as they 
were served without taking the picture yet. Haha! No regrets. :-)
(5) fried bangus
peppered with garlic for a perfect breakfast treat!

(6) beef tapa
equal parts sweet and salty with Ilocos vinegar as dip - my taste buds had a party!

(7) dips
the breakfast meals came with garlic rosemary fried rice, tomato wansoy salsa and 
homemade burong manga, how so special!

Merry Christmas (four and a half months in advance, haha!)

All Sunshiny,

open for breakfast by 8 am :)

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