September 21, 2013

Tapsilog Centrale

time check: 8:40 am
i overslept - tsk!

"Sooner or later, you will do it. You have to do it. It will hurt but it must be done", said the boss to me while on the ride back to the office. We came from a meeting in Makati and were having discussions about personal investments and properties. I told him I have nothing to my name given the limitations of my current income. "If you do not spend so much on your weekend breakfasts then maybe you'll have enough for your savings...", he said with a laugh.

This is not the proper page for a post on timelines and catching up on personal goals (goals are dreams with deadlines!) so I will not discuss (more like rant and express fear) further. But to prove that we (Alan and I) do not spend unreasonable amount for our breakfast adventures, our Saturday breakfast date happened on the roadside of 11th Jamboree corner Kamuning in Quezon City. I had other places in mind like a newly opened vegetarian place in San Juan, or Borough in Podium or Xian Tian Di's breakfast buffet but this weekend, we kept it simple. And affordable. To brush the nagging guilt on the side. To prove that this addiction is not at all expensive and does not make a dent in my fortune (nyahahaha).

The dark clouds and the rain are on to us last Saturday but we pushed through with our roadside breakfast adventure. Tapsilog Centrale was featured in Poptalk (a TV show which lists recommendations about anything under the sun, tries them out and rates them) in their breakfast episode and it found its way in my saffron Seattle's Best dream journal which contains my long long long list of early morning wishlists, breakfast adventures and life dreams.

The place is popular for its Angus Beef Tapa but we found it a little pricey for our roadside adventure so we settled for Premium Beef Tapa instead and still  loved our roadside breakfast meal to bits!


oh breakfast love from top to bottom

(1) Premium Beef Tapa (Hot and Spicy) 
Their cooking pots and stoves are set by the counter that customers get to see how their meals are cooked. Tapsilog comes in different flavors - this was Alan's choice.

(2) Premium Beef Tapa (Regular)
My original choice was Angus Beef but payday is several days away I couldn't go beyond my budget (haha) so I resorted to the regular Tapsilog and still loved it. The meat is soft and does not resist one's bite.

(3) Corn in a Cob
I was all prepped to order sans rival or their famous dome cake but they were not available that morning. Usually, we make sure there is a third order for us to share but we did not find anything in the menu which can balance the taste of our selected meals. Good thing we were by the roadside. A corn vendor passed by, I ran after him and voila, we had the sweetest corn ever for dessert. Let's load up on carbs! Oh!

(4) The Breakfast Spread
Simply Lovely.
I am a diehard breakfast fan!

To happy and simple mornings!

All Sunshiny,

11th Jamboree Street corner Kamuning Road
Quezon City
Open 24/7


  1. Better sooner than later Tina! No more excuses, just do it, your boss is right :) except that it doesn't have to hurt and I don't believe you have to give up your breakfast adventures to do it. One should enjoy life as well as plan for it. And it's exponentially better to start young :) talk to your bank for options :)

    I love the idea of goals being dreams with deadlines! Because then it wouldn't feel so onerous to work for your goals, because you are working for your dreams :)

    You know I'm your self professed number one fan, but you really should at least muse upon the idea of publishing these blog posts and the amazing photos, like those metro food guides published by Summit Media.

    ♡ Bes

    1. Yes, there is no other time but NOW!! :) Thank you so much for this Bes! About the publishing part, parang di pa pang ganon yung level ko, haha! But yes, I think I'll just keep on writing until the words are worth publishing!:)

      May all our dreams come true!

      ♡ Tina

  2. i'm not so fond of beef that's why even the premium beef does not appeal to me but lately i had lechon baka skewers and it tasted really good and some old-fashioned corned beef which instantly became a favorite.

    and this, this is my unsolicited advise. the boss is right. take the risk while you're young, take every opportunity that shall come along. happy weekend and hooray for our breakfast love! :)

    1. i like corned beef, i like them dry though, parang bordering fried na. :) i super appreciate your advise miss January, while we're young, while we can... :)