October 20, 2013

Pancake House

time check: 07:45 am

One lazy Sunday, I kidnapped my brother's kids and forced them to be my breakfast dates. We live a few blocks away from Pancake House and logistically speaking, it is the most feasible venue for our spontaneous and must I say extremely rowdy date. Spoon and knives fly everywhere. Water gets spilled even before they are served. And the impatient muttering, "I am hungry, hungry, hungry..."

How do you exactly keep them still without bringing them to Jollibee (haha!)? Give them anything sweet and colorful. And I am so happy Pancake house has a separate menu for all things sweet and colorful exclusively for the toddlers of the iPAD generation! And their kid's menu come in the form of a story book! Fun!

oh breakfast love 
from top to bottom

(1) almondrigas soup
for the crazed tita whose realization that morning is a simple, 
"i know, i know, i am not ready to have kids yet", sabay punas ng pawis

(2) chocolate and mocha shakes
for the kids who were too happy to be outside the house that morning

(3) rainbow pancakes
theo loved this so!
(4) salted caramel pancake
sweet + salty + nuts = lovely

(5) breakfast spread
pancakes darling! this picture was taken in a rush 
with the kids nagging in the background,
"we're hungry, we're hungry..." haha!

Happy mornings!

All Sunshiny,

Pancake House
with branches nationwide


  1. i've been raving for weeks now for that salted caramel pancake, i'll give myself another try this weekend. the kids are so artista here ha. :)

    1. satisfy that salted caramel craving! one plate though is to be shared - ang dami! kaloka nga these kids, they enjoy having their picture taken! haha!