April 12, 2014

La Creperie

time check: 08:20 am

Happy Sunday Morning!! :-)  My day already started even before 07:00 am and to set the mood, I played an endless loop of hip-hop songs (sheesh, I am already 27 y’all, haha!) and then moved on to Beyonce’s Love On Top, again played in endless loop (repeat 100 times with hands in the air and hips all around) and when my brain and my body both agreed that I am already awake, I shifted to French songs (Puto Mayo world music collection). I am after all, writing about a Paris-inspired restaurant.

I attended a calligraphy workshop last February and it was held in La Creperie Broadway branch. When I learned that they open for breakfast and when I saw that the place spells Paris chic, I know I just had to bring my little sister, Patis here. She is Paris-obsessed as I am Nepal-obsessed. My cousins, Ikay and Ning, tagged along. 

Every Parisian detail of the restaurant sent kilig-tricity (kilig + electricity) down my spine, I know the girls were secretly swooning also. Haha! :) They specially liked the rendition of the menu and the music being played in the background. My favorite Paris touch was a framed photograph of a couple kissing on the streets of Paris, oohh la la love! My only dilemma though was that the meals were served in very small portions - I have a construction worker appetite, remember? All the daintiness is such a mismatch with my belly capacity. *wink*

La Creperie Before Nine Breakfast Spread

one: Le Petit Dejeuner aux Philippines
(inclusive of 2 eggs, garlic/plain rice, chopped tomatoes, green salad)
Spicy Sardines in Olive Oil
USDA Corned Beef
Hungarian Sausage 

 two: Shrimp Pomodorro

three: Churro Crepe (the girls' favorite!)

I felt a little old giving pieces of advice about college and all "ate" stuff - I kind of really wished I had an older sister to look after me too. *sigh* I am so excited for their youth - the world has so much promise for pretty, young and smart girls like them. Like me too, ahem. Haha! :)

Good Morning Loves!

Have a blessed Sunday!

All Sunshiny,

La Creperie
66-D Broadway Avenue
New Manila, Quezon City

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