January 28, 2013

Mom and Tina @ Mom & Tina's

                                                                          time check: 7:30 am

The beauty of having a mother (and what I will write down after this is just A FEW of the gazillion beautiful things about being a recipient of a mother's love) is having to wake up in the morning and everything is already taken cared of. Warm bath. Freshly ironed clothes. And most of all, hot and just-out-of-the-cooking pots breakfast. All these - done out of love.

One Saturday before nine morning, on my mother's visit in the city (she is based in Cagayan and occasionally comes over the Metro to check on us), I forced most members of our household to wake up early for a breakfast date - a little treat for our nanay so when she goes back to the province she has something to share with her amigas (haha!) PLUS it’s about time we take good care of her (even if we will never EVER match what she has done and is still doing for us). My resto-choice for the family's breakfast date was Mom and Tina's along Katipunan Avenue. I have been to the place with friends before for a dinner-get-together but its charm is most intense, most evident, most appealing, most nakaka-inlove in the morning - breakfast time. Plus, don't you just love the title? Mom and Tina at Mom and Tina's (so witty and sexy - so ME! nyahaha!). It's more of Mom and Tina (and tatay and brother and sister and cousin) at Mom and Tina's - and I know, nanay wouldn't have it any other way. Her ultimate happiness is to be surrounded with family.

All Plaid and Blue - and yes, they open at 7 in the morning!

The interiors are so Country Home Magazine and Shabby Chic-inspired - its a picture of a place pulled straight from my basin of dreams and was turned into a beautiful before nine reality!:)

My sister's and brother's eyes were wandering through the menu, pouring over main courses and desserts but I made it Martial Law clear that we can only choose breakfast meals because:
one: breakfast rocks
two: doing so will earn them the privilege of getting featured in this world-class, multiawarded, Brad Pitt-endorsed blog!!

So they gave in because I am so credible and irresistable! haha!:)

My parents' choice for breakfast: US Beef Tapa with vinegar as dip, Php 205| (Well Done) Steak and Eggs, Php 375

The Kids' choice for breakfast: Bacon Hashbrowns (for me because bacon and potatoes are my ultimate favorite!), Php245| Paul and Isabelli had the same order, Waffle Pancakes with Crispy Bacon Strips, Php 275

Guess what my tatay had for dessert? Cake? No. Fruits? No. Ice Cream? Nope! Another full meal - now you know where my construction-worker-for-an-appetite DNA make up came from!

Smoked Bangus, Php 230

Will the real Mom and Tina, please stand up! My lovely nanay and moi.

Family Picture: L-R: The beautiful and Sexy Tina| Isabelli | Nanay | Tatay | Paul | Kuya Ragie fresh from Italy (we did simple and impromptu Italian lessons - Buon Giorno!!)

I am so happy and touched that they woke up early for my breakfast invite. There were a few snarling(s), a few tsk's and more than once "5 more minutes" pleads - that's how difficult it is for young people to get their butts off the comfy mattress BUT they woke up early, on a Saturday!!:) Happy, happy!

Oh happy Morning!

Here is an amusing and beautiful before nine trivia: in ALL of the breakfast/early morning restaurants that I have been to (and this time I am not afraid of generalization so I am using ALL, not few, not several but ALL!), grandpa's are always present. I call their group the Groovy Grandpop's Breakfast Club. They are either chatting about business, stock prices, their most recent surgeries (yes!) and sexy-girl stories. Seriously. And never once did I eavesdrop, they're just so boisterously eager to share their stories and you can hear them from the far end of a table miles away. :) A group of lolo's was in Torch two Saturdays ago. Another here at Mom and Tina's. Another in Conti's last Sunday. Still another in Bizu. And in Coffee Bean. I have yet to see lola's having an early morning rendezvous - and to think girls are more into chit chat's. But these senior boys - they are everywhere! I love it. I love their early morning energy. I will make it my senior citizen agenda when I turn 60 to form a Breakfast Club - hello sexy lola's, represent!! 

I do not know any of these grandpa's but I was taking photos of the place when one of them remarked - kami naman, iha! And I lovingly, with the highest level of kilig, said YES, yes - let me take your pictures, you, ambassadors of the early morning sun - I wish to grow old as gracefully as you have done so!!:)

To great mornings with our families and groovy grandpops!

All Sunshiny,

Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe
Katipunan Ave Loyola Heights, Quezon City  
(02) 990-2875


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    1. yes - lolo's/grandpops in the morning are so lovely to see! :)