January 24, 2013

Sharyn's Cansi House

time check: 07:00 am
Bacolod City

We were told that the hotel's breakfast buffet will open at 10 in the morning - and my ears rang  in utter and OA disbelief. I would have resigned to starting the day a little late but that was the last day of our Negros vacation (story hop here) and like most rare vacations taken by an ordinary but NOBLE employee (aherm), every second counts. Days have to start as soon as there's already reception on the non-cable TV - ze arlier, ze better. 

Thanks to wifi, reliable bloggers and persistent and insistent tourists (aherm again), we found a gem two blocks away from our hotel. Sharyn's Cansi is a simple, low key, hole-in-the-wall restaurant which serves the best bulalo in the world! 

(1) Cansi or bulalo, Php 230+ | (2-3) exterior and then interior | (4) me and Sharyn's mommy

While I may not seem credible and I most definitely am NOT a foodie, I am first and foremost a probinsyana with a Kapampangan for a mother and an Ilocano for a father; I grew up in a household with overused kitchen and elders who knew their way around high-blood inducing food: papaitan, dinakdakan, kinubang bibe, imbaligtad and of course, bulalo. 

Now that I have lain down my credentials, I am telling you, Sharyn's Cansi is really good and a must-try-before-you-die!! It's not a breakfast food, really, but I am featuring it here in Before Nine just the same because the restaurant opens at 7:00 am and the bulalo is already served at that time; so when in Bacolod, bulalo is an honorary breakfast food. I hereby declare. 

That Monday morning, one day less from my vacation leave credits, was extra kind to allow me to welcome my day with a bowl of warm soup, perfectly salty, a bit spicy and uber malinamnam minus the artificialty  of Maggi Magic Sarap PLUS tender beef which surrenders freely to the effortless grinding of teeth - so soft, it must have stayed at the pressure cooker for, er, forever. And as an added treat, I got to meet Sharyn’s mommy – how sweet it is to be named after the best result of a mother’s talent. <3

To more yummy out-of-town mornings!

All Sunshiny,

Sharyn's Cansi House

C-58 Narra Ave., Capitol Shopping Center
Bacolod City, Negros OccidentalPhilippines
(034) 433-1374

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