January 21, 2013

Torch Restaurant

time check: 7:30 am

The cold January Saturday morning is unforgiving for people obliged to wake up early – the weather is laziness-inducing, perfect for snuggling, coddling or for the single lady who sleeps on a single bed, perfect for blanket-wrapping and all-day snoozing. But my phone rang at 6:00 in the morning, the sun has not fully risen and the city, still quiet – my ever prompt breakfast date was on the other line, making sure that I have woken up already because he is 30 minutes away from picking me up. “Five more minutes”, I bargained, but I stoop up from my bed just the same and did a hurried shower.
Torch, a restaurant tucked in the old rich San Juan community, was never in our radar – our knowledge of it is a result of an efficient web marketing strategy – you know the annoying pop-ups? In our case, the pop-up was a call to action to satisfy our breakfast-crazy hunts.

We were the first customers to dine – and that’s always a good thing. Being the bringers of buwena mano, business owners are usually beyond happy to accommodate our needs. And the staffs are still fresh and happy and not-yet-stretched-to-the limit on mornings so usually, the first customers/clients/diners are recipients of the best customer service experience. And we were served and waited on like the old rich San Juan crowd. Superbly so. 

Our Before Nine Torch Restaurant Breakfast Choices!

Poached eggs with bacon drizzled with white truffle oil, and topped with Hollandaise sauce, Php 235.95

I am a Lucy Torres fan (minus her anti-RH stance). I always read her Sunday Newspaper column – she writes so well and I follow her column religiously so much so that I think I know more about her than Richard Gomez does. Just kidding. And in most of her entries, she writes about eating Eggs Benedict and how she is so in love with it. And so out of curiosity, having known only three versions of egg recipes my whole life (boiled, scrambled and sunny side up), my first choice was Eggs Benedict - just the right amount of salty goodness. Reminder to self to eat poached eggs as soon as served, they can get a little slimy-whiny when eaten cold. Take pictures fast!!

Pancakes cooked with cheddar cheeze drizzled with maple syrup and butter, Php 169.95

The pancakes were really thick and soft - the sweetness was balanced by the creamy cheese, no need for syrup. So sarap!

Sauteed tapa slices of U.S. Angus Beef, marinated in their original recipe. Served with egg and buttered garlic rice,
Php 186.95 

And because I am a true blue Pinay and a meal is never complete without rice, I ordered tapa with sinangag. I was mulling over requesting vinegar to make sawsaw (haha! I mean dip) the tapa but I was crazy conscious about appearing non-old rich San Juan crowd (yes, yes, this is an embarassing admission - be true to yourself dapat!) so I did not. I think next time I will because it was my least favorite meal - but maybe because it was the last dish I ate and I was already full to appreciate the tapa goodness of the Angus Beef.

Sauteed green and red bell peppers, onions, button mushrooms, and tomatoes, topped with melted cheddar cheese, 
Php 159.95

The staff will have her pakitang gilas moment as she prepares the omelette infront of you - haha! The ingredients are just mixed on a sizzling plate and cooked to omelette perfection. Next to the pancakes, this was the meal we were so gushing on. Love, love!

 By 8:30, a group of senior citizens, families and lovers started pouring in the restaurant for a weekend breakfast treat. The restaurant is nice and clean and maaliwalas - oh-so conducive for gossips (nyahaha), bonding sessions and dates!

I can't wait for our next breakfast date!:)

All Sunshiny,

all photos are by Alan David

Home Studio Building
63 Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan
Telephone: +63 477-3771, 502-0000

M, T, Su: 7:00AM - 12:00MN
W, Th, F, Sa: 7:00AM - 3:00AM 


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  2. Hi Tina,

    I love your new blog! I love the stories and the photos and the way you write and that you greet the sun with gusto :) Also, because I am soooo not a morning person-- I find nothing exciting before 11 a.m. (except bacon) (and pancakes) (although they can only entice me from my bed 6 times out of ten)-- I can just read about what the other half of the world experiences while I'm catching up on z's, haha!

    Please don't ever stop writing,

    1. Hi Bes!:)

      1) Thank you - i know of your impeccable taste so just the thought of you reading the craziness I post here makes me feel giddy - hahaha!!:)

      2) Hooray for bacon and pancakes - i crave for them every day.

      3) I encourage you to wake up early - it's good for the heart, inspiring (because the world is still quiet and kind) PLUS it will make you feel as if you've fully maximized your day.:)

      4) YOU are NOT updating femininelawlessness!! I demand that you do.