February 9, 2013

Good Morning Batad!

Last weekend, the Rice Terraces took our breath away. <3

Walking Sticks. You think you do not need them? You need them! No matter how young or old you are.

Longcut. There are two routes from Saddle Point to somewhere in the middle of the trek - the long way is kinder to the legs.
Carved Mountains. This is just a preview, one more turn then prepare to be swept away.
Marker. Seeing this washed down the sweat and thirstiness - finally, we're here!
The Rice Terraces. It was planting season on our visit (February) - the site, we were told, is more picturesque by April when the rice is okay for harvest - but this, this is perfect for us. So worth it.
Up Close. Village in the midst of the terraces. This is PRIME real estate property. :)
Foggy Afternoon. We do not mind - we are one with the clouds.
House by the Hill. Whoever owns you, he is one lucky man.
Falls. Beyond Beautiful.
The Dancing Little Girl. It was festive with the dancing and singing by dinner time.
Pink Sunrise. I closed my eyes, breathed in the fresh morning air and uttered a prayer of thanks.
The Crew. Thanks Barefoot!
A Thousand Inspiration. Priceless

All Sunshiny,

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