February 9, 2013

Hooray for Today!

time check: 6:00 am

Good Morning! How do you do? :)

The last time I remembered singing in the morning while prepping for another day at work was five years ago - a fresh university graduate, newly employed in a real estate company , all hopeful and excited to put on that red Body Shop lipstick to add more years into my look so people at work will take me seriously. Then the singing stopped. Even the red lipstick disappeared. 

Until this morning. 

It happened in the shower where acoustics are better - it was six o'clock in the morning and everyone at home except for Ate Bel (who is always up so early to dote on us) was still sleeping. I was singing to a song made famous by the movie, My Best Friend's Wedding, "The moment I wake up, before I put on my make up, I say a little prayer for you...." with matching jumping and  a little shaking from the cold water. It is a Saturday and there is no work - maybe that set the difference. But once upon a time, my entire Saturday was devoted to my narrow single bed, sleeping, eating and sleeping yet again. 

Today, I am meeting Alan in Makati to try out a restaurant for breakfast (of course!!!) which I have been longing to cross off my long list of restaurants which serve breakfast ever since I have read about in Alicia Colby-Sy's compilation of 115 of the best restaurants to eat out now in Metro Manila. And today is the day!! (I still have to wait for the official photos though before I write my entry on it.) Maybe that is where my morning excitement and energy is coming from - the happiness that finally, in a few hours, I will be satisfying a dream/craving.

Everything and everyone is kinder in the morning - epecially if it is weekend morning.

1. This morning, the early morning sun was  gentle.
2-3. The MRT was especially quiet and passengers were more relaxed (God, why can't it be like this forever?).
4. Ayala Avenue in Makati City was quieter. (God, again, why can't it be like this forever?).
5.The cream cheese on my bagel - more heavenly this morning, oohhhh.... (sneak peek!!).
6. (no picture) Even the taxi driver on my ride home was generous with po and opo and okay lang po ma'am.

It was my first time to visit Salcedo Weekend Market also - an ocular inspection for the next before nine weekend market experience (haha) - I love love its early morning energy! The place makes me want to migrate to Makati, seriously! Families, entrepreneurs, expats, the beautiful lolas perfectly coiffed and made up, up and about in the morning. There  were dragon dancers too, to celebrate the Chinese New Year - Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I bought Milkfish pate because I remembered having bought a pack of Skyflakes the night before, it will go well with that, but more than complementing ze Skyflakes, the display was just so lovely I needed to buy something from the stall - I will definitely, most definitely go back!!

It was our intention to visit the exhibits featured in the Arts Festival which the Ayala's are staunch supporters of (I think the Ayala's make the perfect model for a successful partnership between a private enterprise and the government) - this contemporary rendition of a bulul by Ronald Ventura greeted us on the way to the venue.

Unfortunately, we were told that the exhibit won't open until 12 noon and we have other agenda for the rest of the day so we put the arts fest plans off until tomorrow. But first - pictures!!

I hope you had a lovely Saturday!
To purposeful mornings!!

All Sunshiny,

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