February 17, 2013

Julia Child & Other Happy Homeworks

Once upon a time, a snobbish and Imeldific lola came up to me and said, "You're majoring in Economics? So you know how to cook?". I explained that my degree was that other type of economics wherein instead of ladles, we use calculators and Eviews, and instead of reading Larousse Gastronomique by Prosper Montagne we were encouraged to read The Wealth of Nations by Captain John Adam Smith. I never got into reading The Wealth of Nations - maybe that's why I am not yet wealthy. Haha! Neither have I taken interest in cooking - except for (just fry them) hotdogs and (just boil them) eggs, my culinary know-how remains in the kindergarten nursery category.

While this blog is not at all a food blog nor a reference for the best breakfast restaurants in town (even if majority of the posts is about food; it is after all a morning blog - whatever that means), one of the best things about mornings is BREAKFAST - and I love love to discover that a) the city wakes up early and b) there are so many breakfast places out there that are worth waking up to in the morning to experience and to dine in and to welcome the day with a satisfied and happy belly. 

This blog, however, necessitates the use of adjectives, beautiful words to describe the beautiful world and I just cannot bear the thought of having only two descriptive words in my vocabulary: beautiful and delicious. So I have taken into liking travel and food literature because there are no other avenues or references of bringing an experience to life through words than them. In one of my visits in my happy place, the bookstore, I picked up Julia Child's memoir My Life in France with Alex Prrud'homme and even before reaching the first chapter, I know I have already fallen in love with her.

all images via google and Julia Child write up's
Why do I love her? She is pure joy to read and know about, passionate about what she does, passionate about life, a superb partner to Paul Child, a letter-writer, opinionated and strong-willed, playful even in written words - cookery-bookery, chop,chop,chop - she makes everything come alive. If it were not for this blog and the desire to pick up useful adjectives to write down here, I would not have gotten to know here. Oh, pure joy! So I am making it my personal assignment to read and research all about her because her energy radiates (even after death) and is so contagious.

What other assignments, happy ones, Before Nine has tasked me with?

1. Read all about Julia Child

brewed coffee at Atelier 317
2. Train oneself to drink Coffee (once in a while)

I never learned to depend or took to liking drinking coffee but given that it is a morning staple I wish to at least try. I love love smelling it though - the aroma is a spa to my respiratory system. Plus I like stirring and mixing and stirring and mixing yet again to get the perfect mix of coffee+milk+sugar.

3) Learn how to Cook

This is all an influence of all the restaurant hopping in the morning and of course, reading about the life of one of the world's most passionate lover of food, Julia Child. It is a little embarrassing that I have reached the golden age of 26  and yet do not know a thing about cooking and preparing meals. I have been downloading BREAKFAST recipes (I love simply breakfast and 80 breakfasts) and will start from there. One thing nice about breakfast is that they seem simple to prepare, ideal for soon-to-be-domestic goddess like me.


Last Valentine's Day, I grabbed a copy of Food Magazine March 2013 issue - it was the breakfast special and reading it makes me want to go on leave from work and just jump from one restaurant to the next everyday - try the skillet breakfast at A Cafe in Cebu City or head to Tagaytay for Antonio's or fly to Bukidnon for a breakfast at the Monastery of the Transfiguration. I am now planning to celebrate my birthday at Isabelo's in Marikina for their rustic morning experience (or if I cannot wait for August I'll just go whenever) - the choices are endless and I wish to share these exquisite breakfast moments with people who are just as enthusiastic about breakfast as me. We'll share our mornings with a Benedict, A Madame and a Suzette - yes, Benedict the Egg (Eggs Benedict), Madame the grilled sandwich (Croque Madame/Monsieur) and Suzette the crepe. Now how do I start? :)

Cheers to our plans and hopes and dreams that they may all come true!
Good Morning!

All Sunshiny,

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