February 19, 2013

Atelier 317

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Epicurus, born in Ancient Greece on the island of Samos in 341 BCE, was a philosopher and the founder of Epicureanism. Unfortunately in contemporary times much of his philosophy has been mangled and used to commercialize the search for rare and elitist products. However, he in fact believed that happiness comes from the quest for pleasure in the simple things in life. The quote, "not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance" summarizes my intentions in setting up the Modern Epicurean Kitchen. - Stephanie Zubiri, President Epicurus Kitchen Inc

How's that to start another post on a fabulous breakfast experience? What I love about writing this blog is that it pushes me (and stresses me sometimes, happy stress naman) to spend a Saturday or a Sunday morning somewhere I can splendidly enjoy my morning in and in most occasions, I find myself and the willing Robin to my Batman, Alan, diving into plates and bowls of breakfast food. 

Last Saturday, equipped with a downloaded map from google, one hundred pesos for a taxi fare and blessed with a patient and kind kuya taxi driver, we searched far and wide and high and low to indulge in a good morning breakfast by Atelier 317.

I take back what I have written earlier, the place is fairly easy to find especially if you are good with maps (if you are not, better take someone who is, with you :p) - it is deep in the heart of Makati's residential community, away from the commonality and generic-ity of, pffft, malls. Not surprisingly, we were the first customers of the day (the efficient me, nyahaha, made reservations two days prior for a table for 2 at 8 am, en punto), the staff was filled with the goodness of the early morning, we were served like VIPs. Oh!

The interiors - lovely blue, checkered tiles, rustic, fancy and shabby chic-y chairs. It was classy, dainty and was every bit of a warm and lovely home one would want to go home to everyday (night).

Atelier has a bar - but who has use for a bar in the morning? Breakfast peeps are so wholesome we favor coffee and orange juice over the finest cognac and bourbon. haha!:)

Alan was fascinated with the salt and pepper containers (now, how are they called in the culinary world?), he took pictures of them in full sunlight, partly shaded and fully shaded by the curtains. We purposely chose the seat by the floor to ceiling glass wall to enjoy the early morning sun. And for the first time, ever, I welcomed the serving of a cup of brewed coffee. :)

And now, ze breakfast.

BALSAMIC ANGUS BEEF ADOBO FLAKES. Adobo, crisped up, served with egg, garlic brown rice and achara| 
Php 400

This  meal tide me through the entire day, without lunch and just feather light dinner. So deliciously fulfilling! I am a fan of adobo flakes and this sure was a treat. A bowl is good for two, even three. It tastes as divine as it looks on this picture. Yum!:)

CROQUE MADAME. Farmer's ham and a mixture of gouda and gruyere cheese gratineed in the salamander and topped with a fried egg (the menu describes it as Parisian cafe classic)| Php 350

Some of the terms used to describe the dish I still need to research - salamander? on my sandwich??? My food IQ is embarassingly low but my taste buds were rejoicing with the melted cheese inside my mouth - superb sandwich.

Here's a trivia (yes to increasing food IQ!):

There's a Croque Madame. And then a Croque Monsieur. How lovely, sandwiches come in pairs. <3

According to  The Jey of Cooking:

Croque Monsieur or Madame are basically the most ooey gooey decadent ham and cheese sandwich you’ll ever eat.  The difference between the two is that the Madame tops off all of the cheesy goodness with a fried egg.  

Parang Jollibee lang, there's regular yum. And then yum with cheese. ;)

Pumpkin and Ginger cake for the finale - it made me nostalgic of my lola's homemade banana cake years and years ago. Weird comparison, I know - pumpkin and ginger versus a banana cake - but I am definitely sure they more or less taste the same. Baked with the purest and indulgent grandma's love.

To more fabulous breakfast experiences! <3

All Sunshiny,

Atelier 317

Palm Village
317 Lirio St Poblacion, Makati
(02) 384-7064

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