February 24, 2013

Seattle's Best Coffee

time check: as early as 6:30 am

The things within our reach most often than not lose their novelty, their magic wears out and gets buried in the dullness of routine. So we take for granted the act of breathing because that is what we do every millisecond of our life. We forget to pause and recognize how our topsy-turvy sister, rarely-showers brother and always-sleeping cousin matter in our lives because we see them every day and we just know they will always be there. Parang Seattle’s Best lang. Haha!

The last quarter of 2012 saw me almost every non-office day morning in Seattle’s Best Matalino because I just had to end the year with the yellow soft leather bound dream journal. Before Christmas, drowsy with caffeine overdose, I finally took my journal home with me.

SBC is one of the many coffee shops which offers all-day breakfast and ever loyal to my morning love, sometime last year, I was the first customer to arrive – the quiet, well-lighted, adorned with soft-cushioned sofa’s 250+ square meters relaxing space all for the early bird me. Most of the times I go there by my lonesome, other times I share my morning with family and friends.

Regular Breakfast 1: Egg, Bacon Strips, Walnut Bread, Fruit Marmalade| Php 150

Oh Bacon! My favorite seat usually is on the platform alongside the bar/counter row and by the floor-to-ceiling glass wall with an unobstructed view of the, uhm, parking lot, security guard and Shakey's across the street. Sometimes, the sun and its warmth are enough to keep me company while in my lovely spot.

Big Breakfast 3: Egg, Schublig, Bacon Strips, Pancakes, Walnut Bread, Fruit Marmalade| Php 255

Whenever I feel a little sad, big breakfast meals are my instant pick-me-upper. I can finish this off without any, errrr, assistance. This meal I ate on my breakfast date with the college kids.:)

 Regular Breakfast 2: Egg, Sauteed Corned Beef, Wheat Bread, Fruit Marmalade| Php 175
This meal was on a completely different day than the earlier photos shown. I shared the breakfast with Alan and he was kind enough to travel all the way from the South to get me one more sticker for my planner. Addict, I know! He ordered the meal on the foreground (Regular Breakfast 2) and of course, I had the queen's meal, big breakfast!!:)

I swear I have more breakfast mornings spent at SBC Matalino (Quezon City represent!) but most have gone directly to the belly without proper documentation. :)

 To beautiful mornings!

All Sunshiny,

Seattle's Best Coffee 
Matalino Street
Diliman, Quezon City 

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