March 29, 2013

Breakfast Dreams & Other Things

My Before Nine Happy Assignments
I will try them all - pinky promise to self!!

1) Sunrise jogging or sun-gazing in Dumaguete's Rizal Boulevard (will do - next week!!)

2) Breakfast Buffet in Metro Manila

Vivere's Sky Lounge or Circle's Event Cafe in Shangri-La Hotel or Spiral in Sofitel or Cafe Jeepney in Intercontinental Manila (or anywhere else, I would love to hear your suggestions!) - Once upon a time a breakfast buffet seemed unthinkable. Why splurge over pancakes, cereals and bacon when a lunch buffet of steak, oysters, seafood platters and a long sushi bar and free flowing champagne costs the same? I wish I can give you a strong argument but all I can answer is LOVE of the morning and that spells all the difference. And bacon too. :)

3) Sunrise Yoga. By the Beach.

4) A Breakfast Birthday Celebration

5) Travel to other places and practice Before Nine Travel Creed:  


Town and Country Magazine March 2013 issue has a feature on 15 awesome things to do in the Summer and at the sixth spot is RUN AWAY FOR BREAKFAST. Tagaytay is the home of the famous Breakfast at Antonio's and Sonya's Bed and Breakfast. Plus, most accommodation in the town is called (insert name of hotel)+bed and breakfast so it really must be the-place-to-be for rising and dining!


 No, I do not need to check the menu. The logo says it all.
Jerry Maguire: You had me at hello.
Isabelo's: You had me at logo.

 (images via Isabelo's website)


 A personal retreat at the Monastery of the Transfiguration in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.
Breakfast with the Monks is an activity usually held every second Sunday of the month.

 (image via travel jams)


Wake up to the sound of the violin in Casa San Miguel and eat breakfast in Backstage Cafe.

(images via the art of every day)


Go back to Baguio and have breakfast in Cafe by the Ruins and PNKY Cafe
.(image via our awesome planet)

(image via pinay travel junkie)


Allow me to take this dream to the international level and given that goals are supposed to be SMART (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Time bound), the most feasible is our friendly neighbor, Singapore. All-day breakfast restaurant concept is popular in the country and according to CNN, one of the must-try is Wild Honey in either Mandarin Gallery in Orchard Road or Scotts Square in Scotts Road.

(website print screen)

6) A Breakfast-themed wedding in the future 

7) Wake up by the shore (literally). Not because of a previous night's hangover, but because of beach camping. :)

Let us make our dreams, no matter how grand or simple, come true!!

All Sunshiny,

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