March 31, 2013

Little Quiapo

time check: 7:00 am

This blessed Easter Sunday morning, we are taking you to my tatay's favorite restaurant in the QC area - only this time, I am with Alan (because tatay heard mass in Sto. Domingo Church - don't worry kids, we heard mass too, in Claret).

Yes, they are opened. At 7:00 in the morning and since 1949!!:) This is breakfast history!!

Al fresco dining. :) But because it is summer - we opted to go inside the resto, haha!

Door handle. Did they have to kill a tamaraw/carabao for this????????

Good Morning Grandpop! A lolo and perhaps his son beat us to being the buena mano givers.

 The second placers - still, good job kids!!

Coffee for the non-coffee drinkers.

Daing na Bangus - a pinoy breakfast staple!

Gourmet Tuyo in olive oil. 
This is a sosi-fied tuyo!! Yum!!

Young People's Plate.
Seriously, this is the name of this dish - good ol' pancakes, good ol' bacon, good ol' sunny side up - the carrots and the cucumber are a little bit out of synch though.

This picture we took after our breakfast. They have this little garden decorated with recycled plastic bottles. :)

There is nothing fancy or flashy about the restaurant - it remains as it is, a place which you are just happy to know exists and an institution you are happy to know is in your neighborhood.:)

Trivia: years ago, I came across an article in the Inquirer about restaurants which serve the best halo-halo in town. Just so you know, Little Quiapo made it to the list. I've tried it. Again. And again. And again. Perfect for summer!:)

To a blessed Easter morning!

Grateful and all sunshiny,

Little Quiapo
90 Malakas Street
Brgy. Pinyahan
Diliman, Quezon City

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