March 16, 2013

Cafe Quezon

time check: several minutes after nine
(oooppsss - just because the resto opens 30 minutes after nine - but still is a happy breakfast find)

The plan was: 7:30 am - eat breakfast at either Rodics or Chocolate Kiss in UP. By 8:30 am - head to Enchanted Farm Cafe for the weekend market experience. Then a second round of breakfast at Cafe Quezon in Maginhawa by 9:30 am. People involved were: my dearest college friends from UP Diliman!!! I cannot believe it has been five (or six??) years after college - oh time, you are seriously killing me with nostalgia and panic!! We had a little confusion that we skipped sharing the experience of the first two items in the morning itinerary (ChocoKiss/Rodics and Weekend Market) and went straight to this simple cafe with the noblest of all the goals in the world  - feed the hungry with an all-day-breakfast-menu love. Good morning (in) Cafe Quezon!

Again, the cafe was empty when I got there, given that I was the first customer - the buena mano deliverer!! No surprise here, I am such a lucky charm. haha! ;)

The girls arrived in pastel tops - pink, green, orange and flower patterns (for Ria) - oh, good and colorful morning talaga!! :) Each has an inspiring and interesting story to tell about school, career, love life and FOOD and BACKSTREET BOYS - it was college all over again - of freedom, of dreams, of I Want It That Way's - la boheme UP!!:)

Banana Cinnamon Wrap| Php 65

A sosyal but affordable turon - I started my meal with dessert! I ordered this while waiting for the girls to arrive - load me up with potassium banana-rama. :)

Pumpkin Soup| Php 55

I am a soup person and this is by far, the most affordable soup ever without compromising its pumpin' pumpkin taste!

Longanisa Lucban| Php 125

While I remain loyal to Tuguegarao' longganisa (salty garlic unpretentious longganisa), Lucban, Quezon produces the second best longganisa in the Philippines - and this is how I want it - salty and garlick-y.

Quezon's Crispy Tapa| Php 150

Ria vowed she was eating chicharon!! Oh, I love chicharon - how it chi-cha's with every bite and sizzles, crackles and pops like alkaseltzer dropped in water when dipped in vinegar.

Nutella Cheesecake

Nutella = heaven. Cheesecake = heaven. Nutella Cheesecake = double heaven!!!

It's usually after-work dinners or weekend lunches (which come in trickle or are extremely rare like, errr, the Haley's comet once-in-every-75 years-appearance on earth given that we are all ever so busy with our adult lives) but that particular Saturday, it was so refreshing to share the most beautiful meal of the day with the most beautiful people I know!!:) 

To inspiring mornings of friendship and chismisan!!!:)

Mistress of the Morning and Lover of Sunshine (and still sunshiny on a rainy day),

P.S. the rest of the day's story is chronicled here.

Cafe Quezon
179 Maginhawa Street
Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

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