March 16, 2013

Early Bird Breakfast Club

time check: 8:59 am

10 (more) reasons I love BREAKFAST
(and how Early Bird Breakfast Club intensified the luuurrrvvveeee)

1: Oh, 'tis a brand new day!

via early bird breakfast club

2:   Breakfast (time) is exclusively for the people you LOVE.

For the many breakfast posts in this blog, who have I shared it with? Alan, my entire family, my college barkada, my sister, Angus and even breakfast with myself - last Saturday, I spent it with my soul sister, Mei. Who else are willing to wake up early on a sacred weekend morning to indulge in my early morning craziness than those who love me unconditionally? Who else are willing to get up on their bed at the first sound of alarm just to be with me in the earliest part of the day than those who try to love what I love because of their love for me?

And who would you rather welcome the beginning of a new day with? Family. Friends. Loved ones. Loved one. All those who matter to you and inspire you. All the sunshine the night has kept from you. :)

3:  Breakfast Places are the most beautiful of all places in the world!

High ceiling. Glass Walls. Details and Colors.
As written in their FB page, "Welcome to Early Bird Breakfast Club where everything is happy, sunny and yummy! :)"

image via early bird breakfast club

4:  Bacon!!

Bacon twist with honey! This is genuine bacon goodness and I would have loved it just the way it is - crispy, thin and salty. But the honey and the twist bumped it to the deluxe category!

5. Sosyal na Pandesal

French Toast Fondue with cinnamon sugar, maple syrup and melted chocolate |Php 210

Once in a while, the Star Margarine, the Cheese Whiz and the Peanut Butter deserve a rest from being the constant tinapay-alalay (spread in english, haha) - this French Toast Fondue is a lovely treat!!:) Plus, the presentation is pure delight, you'll stare at it for 5 minutes to appreciate the "art" then eat in 5 seconds!!

6: Rice + Egg + (insert any ulam here)
in this case, + bangus!! (milkfish)

Lemon Butter Bangus | Pan-seared bangus fillets served with garlic rice and garlic lemon butter| Php 325

A break from the meaty-goodness of bacon, I ordered milkfish for my main course. It's a little "saucy" more than how I would want it to be so, but still a yummy breakfast treat!!

7: Sweet Breakfast Treat

Yin and Yang Champorado | Rich dark chocolate and white Belgian chocolate with sweet toasted dilis| Php 275

There are only two occasions when champorado makes the most ideal treat: on a rainy and cold afternoon and BREAKFAST, of course!:)This was Mei's yummy choice.

8: Breakfast is a "GO" food. 
The first meal of the day. And the most important, too.

9: Breakfast (time) is perfect for muni-muni moments.
   Breakfast. Coffee. Newspaper. By the window. And the sunlight.

10. Breakfast Club.
Wouldn't it be lovely to start one?
For now, I'll settle with watching the movie.

 To mornings of breakfast treats and enjoying life's lovely beats!!!:)

All Sunshiny,

Early Bird Breakfast Club
Unit C Ground Floor, Forte Point 2 Building
The Fort Complex
28th Street, BGC

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