March 18, 2013

National Breakfast Day

time check: 7:14 am

5 days before

"Teen-ah, it's National Breakfast Day on March 18! Any plans for your blog?". I received this text from my good friend Bes and I jolted out of my seat and wanted to run like crazy. I am not updated with current events that some fast food declared this most beautiful holiday (BUT I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO THAT ON AUGUST 4!!! My birthday, just so you know, haha!!) and I did not know. And plans for Before Nine? Nada. Zilch. March 18 is a Monday and that means rushed and frenzied and nonstop work in that company somewhere over the rainbow. Oh, what to do?

March 18 - THE day

4:30 am

Phone rings. Alan is on the other end of the line waking me up for our breakfast date to celebrate MY holiday. I wait for another 20 minutes before finally leaving my bed. The heaven is still pitch dark.

5:20 am

All cool and fresh from the morning shower. Ate Bel is surprised that I am already up, fixes herself up and apologizes that the breakfast is not yet ready. I say it's okay. Dear Angus alternately barks and whimpers. His big puppy eyes plead to let him out of his room. I look away - no time for play today.

6:15 am

Steps out of the house.  Cab. EDSA is still okay, manageable. The MRT is surprisingly calm and relaxed. Oh I love early mornings!!

6:59 am 


7:14 am

Long queue in Mc Donald's. Super long. Smiles and walks with Alan to the day's breakfast spot - MARINA! Breakfast Buffet at Php 169.00!!! Yahooo!!!! Good Morning!!! :) My grand plan was to go on leave and throw a breakfast party (nyahahaha) but Malacanang forgot to declare it as a non-working holiday so we brought the party somewhere near our workplace. If there's a will, there's a way!!

Strictly No Sharing? Clean Plate Policy? Simot Policy? Sagad to the Bones policy? No problemo!!:)

These are among the few!!:) All the good breakfast stuff lasted me through 6 in the afternoon (and I never ever skip lunch!!) It was that fulfilling. :)

8:35 am

Back to the office. Brush teeth (got to get rid of the daing scent, hahaha!)

9:00 am

Work it.

Happy Breakfast Day Philippines!!!:)

All Sunshiny,

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