March 5, 2013

Good Morning Dangwa!

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Good Morning Summer!! Hello March!! 

The second day of March barely started and still indulgent of the world's February-the-love-month hangover, we skipped our usual Saturday breakfast hunt (Alan never fails to remind me that this is not a food blog, thus, the need to do something else other than, uhm, eat - but, but, but, what about my omelettes, my sinangag's, my baaacccooonnn???!!!) and braved a new territory - where boyfriends will rejoice because flowers sold here are beautiful and unbelievably affordable, where brides will swoon and gush over the romantic colors of red and pink and white and lavender, where donya's and madame's will send their yaya's and mayordoma's to for their household's daily dose of fresh flowers for the dining table, the living room center table, the lanai, the bedroom, the powder room and the walk-in closet.And petals to sprinkle their chamomile-infused bathtub/bubble bath with.

The market's facade belies its treasures because at the end of the concrete slabs of the saddest grey tones and peeled-off paint/posters.....

....there lies a sea of colors and explosion of all imaginable hues - red, green, lime green, dark green, wicker green, pink, soft pink, fuschia, light yellow, golden yellow, orange, white, purple, lavender, lilac - the color range will challenge the color scheme - so overwhelmingly beautiful!!:)

Flower farm owners are among the luckiest people in the world! They wake up to beauty and color. According to one of the vendors, most of the flowers are from Baguio (these pretty things like the cold weather) and usually lasts for a week. Flowers in Dangwa are extremely affordable. I bought a dozen of roses for Php 80.00 - that's one dozen for less than a hundred pesos - boy!! Designer Blooms and Holland Tulips are priced ten, twenty times more (but that's understandable given their location in malls, but hello, who would want to buy from the malls after this?).

These are my favorite!!! I forgot to ask what these flowers are called but they looked like art craft project intricately done and lovingly accomplished. And the colors!! I particularly like them in dusty pink - so romantic and pure.

Rose. Violet. Tulip. Orchid. Daisy. Poppy. Daffodil. Hyacinth. Jasmine. Lily. Lavender. Magnolia. Periwinkle. Sunflower. I think God has chosen a female angel the task to name the flowers on earth, they came out dainty and sweet and feminine. Now, from whom do we owe the names platypus, aardvark, pterodactyl even kili-kili and ngala-ngala? Dear God, why did you change our angel??

rows and rows of roses.

 they create a fanciful pattern.

green is just as lovely.

color is one. form is another.

Rows of flower stalls. They never end. Vendors are so persistent and insistent though. But that's their job.

the stylists.

the hanging gardens.

Flowers are freshest in the moning.

trying out a pretty pose.
To beautiful and colorful mornings!!! :)

All Sunshiny,

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