February 26, 2013

Milky and Sunny

time check: 8:14 am

 It was raining the night before but when morning came 'twas all Milky and Sunny!! The corny intro you just read is 100% truer than true and not a futile attempt to be witty - rain in February! I secretly prayed for a gentle drizzle for the next day, a Saturday even with an early breakfast date so I can earn the license of coolness and use the title, Milky and Sunny on a Rainy Day. So brilliant, nyahaha. But the sun shone bright like a diamond (..like a diamond in the sky, shine bright like a diamond - sing it ala Rihanna!) - exactly what we needed to find this breakfast happy place in East Capitol, Pasig (this Pasig area has been created for the foodie and the hungry - so many restaurants!!).

This nook by the entrance  is simply lovely. If I am not mistaken, those are Dimensione Chairs I've been drooling over since I decided my utmost short-term desire is to finally have my own place. I want my own nook!

The place was so full when we arrive (though the photo does not show since this was taken after many diners have left) - so many breakfast lovers, how do I recruit them for the next big thing - the breakfast club! haha!:) Love the sky blue walls!

...to your right now, to your right now, to your right now...
oh details!
The place is just the right amount of cozy and cheer, a happy place to jump start the day.:) Oh enough of the lovely, lovely details, let's get into ze breakfast. :)

everything - yum!

Bacon Tostadas | Php 120

I love love bacon and so I ordered this thinking that bacon tostada is strips of bacon fried to golden crisp but no - it's like nachos with bacon drizzles. Yum just the same. :)

Rice and Egg Meal with Corned Beef | Php 130

A little tempted by the Big Breakfast Plate but I settled for a simple corned beef meal and enjoyed its home-cooked goodness.

Ham and Cheese Omelette | Php 150

Creamy and sweet. I would have loved it just creamy though.

Strawberry Cream Cheese | Php 160

Alan wanted to replicate his Apartment 1 B heavenly cream cheese experience and ordered this. It was far from heavenly BUT nobody goes wrong with soft and fluffy pancakes.

Choco Milky Shake | Php 140

For non-coffee drinkers, shakes are our best friends. :)

To mornings of pure breakfast joy and sky blue heavens!
Can't wait for my next before nine experience.

All Sunshiny,

Milky and Sunny
9 East Capitol Drive
Kapitolyo, Pasig City


  1. Nice pictures!!! Well done Allan! :D

  2. Thank you Di!!:) yes, the pictures are super nice!:) you have to come with us in one of our breakfast dates, please!!