April 24, 2013

Breakfast at the Airport

time check: 5:50 am

Wake me up meals. This makes a good alternate name for breakfast! 

The first weekend of April, right after the long Holy Week pause for the inhabitants of the corporate jungle, we embarked on a long weekend (again!) for our first official Summer trip for 2013. Our flight to Dumaguete was at around 8:30 in the morning but we arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3 before 6:00 am - that's how responsible travelers we are. Either that or we are just too excited to wake up to (a) different and beautiful place/s for five mornings!

We were too early for check-in so we decided to have our fill of our favorite meal of the day! And we sampled Kenny Roger's breakfast meal. :)

Chicken Soup| Php 90ish

I am a soup person. My friends who I have dinner or lunch out with sometimes ask me, "May sakit ka ba? Are you okay?", whenever I order one. Soups are soothing. That's why I always order one. They bring me back to my childhood days when my lola and mother cook meals for the family - most of the time, with warm, delicious and calming soup.

Spam with Egg and Rice| Php 175

Ever since I passed the human lifetime quarter mark (assuming that we live up to 100 years!), I developed an aversion to processed food EXCEPT for bacon and its brother, spam! This breakfast meal is just as lovely and warm as the home-cooked breakfast meal prepared by Ate Bel (our cook with the most beautiful heart :p) peppered with excitement and giddiness since it is being enjoyed in an airport and a mere three hours from boarding in an aircraft that will take us to the beach!!

Lovely lovely morning!!!

All Sunshiny,

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