May 1, 2013

Good Morning UST

time check: almost 6:30 am

The clock says it's almost 6:30 am. Why were we up this early? We had to be ready by 7 am for my sister's college graduation! :)

More than the graduates, I think the parents are the happiest people in the world to finally see their babies grow up and excited to conquer the universe. My heart just melts at this photo seeing our nanay laugh like that - she deserves nothing but the best in the world.

It was hot and humid even at this time of the day, so while waiting for the ceremony call time, we stayed at the park facing UST's main building. The structure breathes beauty, history and grandiose.

Nanay and CJ by the tree park. Tatay couldn't get off from a work engagement so Paul, CJ and I were nanay's co-parent/s that time for Isabel's graduation.

 We are seven in the brood. Kuya Bo is in Dubai, me, Isabel (the beautiful graduate in white), Paul (leftmost), CJ (rightmost), Patis and Jess. :) The two younger girls were sleeping when we left and of course, Kuya cannot fly in from the Middle East. *sigh* I wish to celebrate a family member's milestone (or just about any kind of day - be it ordinary or really special) with all of us in complete and happy attendance. This is making me nostalgic. 

I sat with nanay at the parent's section. :)

My sister has a nasty nose pimple! haha!:p

After the 4-hour ceremony, yes, that long, Paul and CJ were waiting for Isabel's exit not with a bouquet of flowers which I strictly instructed but with a bunch of Sampaguita bought from a church near Paul's dorm. Haha! The graduate was not that thrilled...

 ...until she saw the real surprise waiting in the car. :) My brothers are the sweetest and the naughtiest! I love my siblings so! I am so excited for my sister - that there's a whole new and colorful world waiting for her beyond college and that she will be starting to do what she has always wanted to do this coming June - teach pre-school kids and then study some more!

For the dreamers and the doers (like my sister), I wish to share my personal prayer inspired by a yoga teacher: "Dear Lord, I pray that I may be the right person in the right place at the right time, Amen."

All Sunshiny,

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