May 3, 2013

What to Eat Before Surfing?

Day One
time check: 7:30 am

Fresh from the 7-hour trip from Manila to Aurora Province and after a really quick early morning sunrise experience in Ermita Hill and then Diguisit bay, we finally made it to the real and ultimate reason we came over to Baler: EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN BREAKFAST!! Haha! :) Who ever mentioned anything about surfing?? No one!! It's all about breakfast this weekend! :)  We were feeling a little woozy from the long trip and the very early morning call but when we saw the long line in Bay's Inn breakfast table, we gathered all our strength to box out the sexy surfing bodies to have our fill of our good morning meal! I was so competitive, I never got to take really salivating pictures. Haha!

This is my plate numero uno. I think I went back to the buffet table three times! My favorites: the cottony adobo/tapa flakes (so wonderfully fibrous, like a cotton candy but made of meat!) and the green salad (pako).

The happy Marketing team. :) We needed to load up on carbs and lotsa' energy boosters because right after this meal was the trek to the beautiful Ditumabo falls. And then of course, non-stop surfing in the afternoon!

Day Two
time check: 6:20 am

Our second-day breakfast experience in Baler was courtesy of Bayler View Hotel. Nothing fancy but really essential. We surfed right after. :)
Adobo Flakes

Bacon and Egg
Nothing beats breakfast by the beach.

All Sunshiny,

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