May 3, 2013

Good Morning Baler!

time check: 06:15 am
sunrise shot| Sabang Beach, Baler

 We came to Baler to surf, alright....

... and then to be a witness of these. Baler has one of the most beautiful sunrise in the county - the waves add to this early morning magic. I hope you don't mind if I cannot choose which image I like because one can never get enough of its beauty (so you'll see not one but many sunrise shots!!). I have often associated Baler with being "manly" - rock hard abs and all, but one April morning, it just decided to be all feminine, dainty and dramatic. Hello there lovely pink sky!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful sunrise experience.
Good Morning Baler!!!

All Sunshiny and all my love,

all sunrise shots are by Alan David

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