May 25, 2013

Ally's All Day Breakfast

time check: beyond nine 

disclaimer: while most features here are strictly and truthfully experienced before nine o'clock in the morning, sometimes, there are exceptions to the rule, especially when it is a BREAKFAST place but weirdly opens late in the morning- like Ally's :p

For a breakfast place, I find it so weird that it opens late in the morning, 10:00 (they opened at 10:30 on our visit, we had to wait at Moe's across the street and had kebab for an appetizer). Late opening of establishments around UP Teacher's/Sikatuna Village is rather common, though. So technically, this is not a before nine experience (i hope to be a purist before niner, mistress of the morning and lover of sunshine). But given that Ally's advocacy is very much in synch with mine, "spread the love through breakfast, one sunny side up at a time" (okay, okay, I made that one up) I am giving it a shot in my before nine chronicles.

Our Ally's breakfast experience started with the rain - rain in May! Oh Summer, you're gone too soon. We had to cross the street from our kebab waiting place under the sudden downpour. We took shelter from Ally's happy and sunny yellow interiors bedecked with sun decors and paper flowers with picket fences. My most favorite though is the BREAKFAST WALL. Anything which puts a "heart" and "breakfast" together is pure morning love.

This time, I shared my morning love with Paul (younger brother), Mika (cousin) and Ate Joan (kuya's girlfriend). They gladly indulged. :) Although I think they didn't have much of a choice - we have been living on take out's and eat out's since Ate Bel, our trusty cook, went on a break for the weekend. We're helpless that way and I am not really proud that when it comes to the kitchen, I am the most clueless of all. *sigh*

What we had for breakfast:

I needed my fill of veggies (too much meat for the past few days) so I ordered asparagus and mushroom omelette. Not only did it satisfy my veggie craving, the asparagus' perfect marriage with the mushroom and the cheese wrapped by egg made me fall in love with it. Mika and Paul and Ate Jo were smitten by it too. Now what's the english word for this, malinamnam! And oh-so divinely creamy.

Bacon Meal for Mika. We had to return it the first time it was served through because, bacon 101 - serve it crispy! :)

Longganisa Meal for me. I was tempted to try their pancakes but my taste bud was craving for something salty. Yum!

Tapa Meal for Ate Jo. Pinoy staple. :)

Waffle for Paul. My brother tried Ally's make-your-own pancakes and came up with this. Waffle as the base, a dollop of nutella for topping, partnered with classic whip and syrup and bacon on the side. Paul called this the "girdle" pancake, in honor of the girls who will be forced to wear girdles after consuming this sinful but heavenly breakfast meal.

The checklist or more like the Girdle Waffle Recipe looked like this:

Cheers to great mornings of finding a sweet breakfast place in your dear ol' neighborhood.

All Sunshiny,

Ally's All Day Breakfast Place

50 Malingap Street 
Sikatuna Village
Quezon City

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