June 2, 2013

Pots & Pans

The universe, acknowledging my love for breakfast and everything about the morning, has gifted me with free pots and pans! Not just any pots and pans mind you,  but a Meyer cookware set! Quick google says Meyer is "a world leader in cookware", so ladies and gentlemen, I have the Barack Obama of pots and pans right in our QC apartment. Yay! I am so excited and happy about this (even if I cannot and do not know how to cook! haha!).

Several months ago, I wrote a fan mail to FOOD Magazine about my gratitude to their breakfast special issue. The email was pure and sincere and non-expectant of anything in return but lo and behold, just recently, I received a reply from them saying that my email has been chosen as the "fan-nest" email a fan mail can ever get and the staff is giving me cooking pots and pans!!

My email reads:

The reply which came two months after reads:
This has got to be my greatest accomplishment in years!! Yes! This even toppled my admission to a Management Training Program in a real estate company as the most defining moment of my career! ("Most defining" talaga :p) Sorry for being too giddy, I cannot remember winning in any competition before this - oh wait, this is not even a competition. This is a simple fan mail which merits a pat in the back and a cooking pot. A pat and a pot. Wow!!! Haha! :) One Friday afternoon, Alan was so kind and loving to take an afternoon leave from work to pick up in my behalf my prize. 

My nonstick cookware is in purple, so girly. While I would love to keep it to myself and wait for until maybe next year for me to use it because a) I do not know how to cook as of the moment and b) our current kitchen is too shabby for my classic pans (haha, snob!), these babies will be sent over to Cagayan Valley where they can "live" their purpose and fulfill their utmost duty to be instruments in preparing the most amazing breakfast meals in the world. And lunch and dinner too. Courtesy of my loving mother. :)


All sunshiny and jumpy,

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