May 21, 2013

Charlie's Grind and Grill

time check: 7:24 am

Coffee Bean in Ronac Art Center is dead and with its death comes the end of the only archi-trivia I know: "Did you know that Coffee Bean in Ronac is the only CBTL branch in the whole world which logo was allowed to deviate from the brand's trademark to conform with the shop's structure?". And I most of the time say this with authority. The recipients of my ├╝ber cool trivia are usually polite, feigning interest with replies like, "Oh really??!!?", "Di nga?!?" or the classic "Weh?!?".

It is a little sad but true, CBTL is one of the anchors of the center and it deserves redemption. The structure, which to me, looks like a four-dimensional hexagon (btw, I am geometrically-challenged) stood barren and empty one Sunday morning. The upside, our morning agenda did not include CBTL (thank God or else I would have died of a broken heart). We came to Greenhills for a breakfast experience in Charlie's Grind and Grill.

Famous for their fries and burgers (warning: they do not serve rice, aarrggghhh!!), what is usually a chill-out place at night transforms into a beautiful and relaxed breakfast destination in the morning. They open at 7:00 in the morning and that simple thought is enough to send chills in my spine, in Filipino lingo (with a mix of English), kilig to the bones.

Notice the empty tables? We were the first diners to arrive - yay!! I love waking up early. On weekends. Only. Haha!

One beautiful thing about the interiors other than its minimalist feel is the multitude of blackboards! Blackboards make establishments extra beautiful - they are bearers of messages and menus and offerings and doodles and drawings. Let's fill the whole world with blackboards and spread our love with chalk dusts!! Yes? Yes! Haha!

What we had for BREAKFAST


Coffee. For the nth time, I am not a coffee drinker but I like ordering coffee. Because they make a good photography subject. Haha! That's a joke of course, I am a conscientious spender, so every penny counts - this one's for Alan's consumption. :)

Bacon Benedict. This is pure love. Pure joy. Pure everything. Bacon enveloped with creamy and soft Eggs Benedict with crunchy asparagus and sprinkles of chili powder. I am generally generous with gushing (generally generous gushing?? haha!) and usually pepper my sentences with "oh my...", "oh dear...", "sobra... sarap..." but this Bacon Benedict made me an extra generous gusher!!! Yum!!!!!!!!!

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich. This is pandesal deluxe. :)

Our Skillet Potatoes. My original choice was hash brown but I thought there are just far too many McDonald's outlets such that I can easily satisfy my hash brown craving. So I went for skillet potatoes because: a) I love potatoes!;  b) I love adding words in my rusty and impoverished vocab bank - skillet*. The skillet won me over. Haha!

*from wikipedia: skillet is a flat-bottomed pan used for frying, searing, and browning foods

1 Great Ham. Yes, that's what's written on the menu. Great ham, indeed, great ham.

I super love their breakfast board!! May the heavens be extra kind to those who are in love with mornings and breakfasts!

Good Morning Every Day!!!!! :)

All Sunshiny,

Charlie's Grind and Grill 
G/F Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Avenue
Brgy. Greenhills
San Juan, MM
(02) 477 5021

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