May 18, 2013

Homeward Bound

time check:  2:48 AM

The van speeds up and gets bumpy. I wake up a little woozy and then my heart jolts in the same rhythm as the vehicle. In the dark, I see a bridge, with white sturdy beams and joints and length which goes on into the darkness. I straighten up with a smile. Even in the dark, this is an all too familiar place. I know very well that I am passing through the country's second longest river; and this bridge I pass through daily, once upon a time. A'once upon a time' which I would exchange anything for to relive and be in again.

My almost twelve hour trip to my destination is finally ending and I could'nt be more joyful.

Ten minutes more and I'll finally be home. Again!

All Sunshiny from the beautiful Cagayan Valley,

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