June 17, 2013

Sunday Morning

time check: 05:45 am
malagawa island
palauig, zambales

"Hey, it is almost 06:00 am", said in a whisper and with a gentle nudge. 
"Five more minutes", I bargained. 
"But the sunrise..." he replied in  a hush but insistent fully-awaken tone.

The Sunrise.
Ah, my magic word.

So I rose up from the mattress which cushioned me from the sturdy and airy bamboo papag. My hips a little sore from having slept sidewards so eight individuals can fit in the bamboo flooring/spread. My feet touched the ground and immediately felt the sand. It was cold. And powdery soft. We slept in a nipa hut for the night. We were supposed to sleep on tents but it rained so hard the night before and we had to take shelter from the hut. I was careful with my movement so as not to disturb the other six from their sleep - Kae, Eva, JP, Xes, Irika and Spike. Alan got his camera and prepared for his sunrise shots (can't wait to see the pictures he took!). I followed suit.

the kamachile fruit (?) dangles from the tree :)

We walked the stretch of the beach with occasional pauses whenever we feel like soaking in the moment or capturing in photograph the beautiful things that we see around us. Among them is the sole fire tree which stands out among the sea of green leaves and brown branches, its flowers shower the white sand with sprinkles and blots of seductive and passionate redness.

We walked into a throng of buffed men hurling a giant net on the shore. They were our hut-neighbors, the boys and girls of Makati Rescue unit, on the island for a three-day team building. They caught a bucketful of swordfish and many other creatures that swim and may be eaten. And then a bluish green seahorse which they returned to the ocean. And a giant ball of sea urchin. They will make a swaki they said. They will share it with us.

Alan took his morning swim. I dipped in the cold water too, but only for a few minutes. I went up a raft docked by the beach front and prayed for a little while. Thanked the Lord for the sunshine. And prayed for my career - of all the things one can pray for in an island, I chose my work. That which I escaped from on this weekend respite.

We joined the rest of the group for breakfast at around seven or eight in the morning. I cannot remember the time. All I know is that it is Father's day morning and I had to greet my father as soon as  my phone manages to catch a signal.

More about our Malagawa island weekend here.

Good Morning!

All Sunshiny,

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  1. Tina your weekenda are so idyllic! Keep it up :)