June 29, 2013

Breakfast at Kanto Freestyle

time check : 7:45 am

"This is all?", I asked Alan, my constant breakfast date. The place is about 4 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width, a red wall on one side and the street on the other. The summer heat has not entirely fizzled out yet (it was the first day of June on our visit) and I was hoping a little help from an air-conditioning system. But a narrow strip with a few foldable tables is all I have for my breakfast date. And the early morning summer heat. This will do.

Orders are taken by the red counter and the view of the dirty kitchen can be seen from there. But the sweat and the grit on a hot day visit is more than made up for by its menu. Gourmet Breakfast diligently prepared by a non-hair net wearing and sweaty cook and served by a staff with a wait-til-you-see-your plate proud facial expression. This is breakfast the kanto style - macho on the outside, but classic and fancy on the inside. 

What we had for breakfast:

1 Hot Chocolate

No, this is not your thick chocolate tablea melted in hot water but the good-old powdered Milo drink for a good morning Olympic energy! :)

2 Fluffy Pancakes with Eggs and Bacon

Alan's breakfast choice. Thick and soft pancake goodness complemented by a salty and crispy bacon. You can never go wrong with that combination. Ever.

3 Spam and Eggs

My breakfast plate. :) I was meaning to order tuyo with kesong puti but it was sadly not available. So I settled for the next best thing. Spam Bam!! This is a classic and an early morning comfort food partnered with tomato pesto for a touch of kanto style.

4 Hash Brown Topped with Poached Eggs and Pesto Tomato

The menu reads Hash Brown topped with poached eggs and pesto tomato and garlic beans but kuya by the counter asked "Ma'am, okay lang ba kung wala yung beans?", I said yes. It was the potato I'm after. Potato is a happy food and Kanto's version of a happy hash brown is potato with a zing - touched with spicy goodness. Oh!

5 Deep Fried Oreos
This is oh-so-sinful. Deep Fried. Chocolate. Sugar. But it is so crispy on the outside and with melt-in-your-mouth-oreo-ness on the inside - we couldn't get enough of it.

Most of the meals are less than a hundred pesos. :)

The morning rolled and diners came in throng. 
Good thing we came in early.
We're definitely coming back!

Hooray for breakfast!

All Sunshiny,

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
San Joaquin Street, Plainview 
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila 
(02) 400-2268

They have recently opened a branch in Marikina :)

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