July 7, 2013


time check: 8:30 am

The wind was louder than usual when I woke up before six one Sunday morning. And the roof rattled and clanked with drops of rain. I would have conceded that it will be a Sunday spent in my comfy bed with a bowl of champorado later in the day for a feel-na-feel-ang-rainy-day Sunday but just as I was supposed to close my eyes and continue with my dream, my Jurassic Nokia phone rang.

"I'll be there in 1.5 hours", he said.
"But the news reports say there is a typhoon", I replied drowsily.
"No, I checked just now, the typhoon will be out of Metro Manila by 8 am", he countered.

So PAGASA was right this time. The typhoon left the city at 8 am. And by 8:30, with the streets wet with puddles of rain and dirt, the sun a little bit lazy to get the heat on, we found ourselves scooping from a silver pot hot macaroni soup drizzled with crispy chicken/pork skin outside the comforts of our home and in a restaurant which happily opened even with news of typhoon - hello CRAVINGS breakfast buffet!! :) Happy Happy Sunday Morning!!

For only Php250, Cravings offers eat-all-you-can breakfast meals: Bangus, Longganisa, Tapa and Tocino which come with garlic rice and egg plus unlimited soup, bread and salad. This is what we braved the typhoon for. :)

You've got to love the seafoam green wall and the mismatched chairs and the chandelier and the long wooden table - oh! The interiors was just oh-so-cozy I can stay in the restaurant all day long! :) I am sorry for the quality of the pictures though - it was just one of those mornings when all I want is eat and I felt that all the documentation will kill my grateful-the-storm-passed mood. :)

What we ate-all-we-can! :)

1 Pandesal with Butter and Blueberry Jam
It's my fault the bread got more toasting than necessary. I left it in the oven, chose more food from the buffet, sat down on my table and started with my soup and completely forgotten that I was toasting pandesal. I remembered only when the kind waiter came over our table and served the slightly burnt bread. I loved it still though.

2 Sweet Tapa

3 Bangus Breakfast Meal  
Alan ordered two of this!

4 Longganisa Breakfast Meal  
The longganisa would have been lovelier if it were crispier!

5 Cereals  
I poured teensy bit of milk because I honestly do not like milk.

Oh Happy Breakfast Buffet Sunday!

All Sunshiny,

 with branches around Metro Manila
we tried their Il Terazzo branch in Tomas Morato
opens at 8:00 am

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