July 21, 2013

Cafe 1771

time check: 7:30 am

After responding to the courteous good morning greeting, I zipped through the place like a child in candy land, a little girl in a Hello Kitty store, a little boy in Toy Kingdom or a grown up refusing to grow up in Disneyland or a mommy in SM Homeworld, or a.. - you get my drift? Yes? Yes. Good! I forgot all about class and promise of daintiness, after all, I am in a place reminiscent of dainty and young Paris spilled with arresting colors of blue and hardcore pink. Bonjour Cafe 1771!

via cafe 1771
via art can heal

We chose the seat by the window overlooking the parking lot with cars only old rich guys can afford - yes there were groovy lolo's in the cafe and their sweet rides are instant facelifts which erase hints of ageing by more or less 30 years. The lola's were perfectly coiffed and blinged. The middle aged talked about business and finance. The young crowd was perfectly represented  by no less than me and Alan (dear 20-something's, let's wake up a little more early, the oldies are dominating the sunshine!) with no other thought in mind but "*insert unspeakable dirty word here!!*, ang sarap ng hot chocolate na 'to!!! so thick 'tsong, malinamnam!! oooohhhh!". Young hip crowd perfectly represented. haha!;)

our breakfast

1 Native Hot Chocolate

This came with our Melted Kesong Puti order but deserves to be singled out. The drink melted all our stress away and filled our hearts with thick and warm chocolate-y goodness. Chocolate (drink) for the soul! I can only picture myself in the reading nook of my future penthouse unit, the early morning sunlight is made even more gentle by the soft rain, a glass of Cafe 1771's native hot chocolate in one hand (as served by my butler), a really good book on the other hand, fruit platter and bagel with cream cheese on my breakfast tray and Lionel Richie's Easy Like Sunday Morning playing in the background. Oh sweet, sweet life.

2 Melted Kesong Puti
(on pan de sal with guava jelly; with native hot chocolate)

3 Hole In One Corned Beef
(corned beef hash and fried egg served with garlic rice)

4 Longganisa na Sabog
(served with orange juice, tomato and onion scrambled egg and garlic rice)
To beautiful mornings of dreams and hot chocolate drinks!
All Sunshiny ,

El Pueblo Real de Manila 
Dona Julia Vargas Ave  
Ugong, Pasig 
(02) 631-7340 
opens at 7 am 

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