July 21, 2013

Fourth Saturday

time check: 7:46 am

This beautiful Sunday morning, we had our breakfast overlooking the famous Manila Bay! Oh! A Sunday Morning can never be as perfect as this. :) I cannot agree more with John Gunther when he said that all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast (check out our before nine lit here) and a leisurely breakfast is best spent (1) at home and (2) by the sea. There's nothing fancy about our breakfast place (will write about it sometime this week!) but the vibe just overflows with everything good about the morning. Alan and I so loved it that we promised to have our breakfast here every last Saturday of the month!! :) We will do our best to keep that promise! Yay, we are stating a Before Nine tradition!!

For our friends who have expressed interest in joining our breakfast adventures, you know where we are every last Saturday of the month and yes, we would love your company - just let us know!! :) You may send me a message in facebook (if you are our friends then we must be facebook friends too right? Haha!) or to just about anyone who share our breakfast love, who loves waking up in the morning, let us be breakfast buddies, breakfast mates, breakfast best friends, send us an email here: beforenineblog@gmail.com.


All Sunshiny,

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