August 2, 2013


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Manila is so alive on a Sunday morning! Lolo's, lola's and tita's are stretching, dancing and doing aerobics by the bay. Kids are running around with their fluffy pets. Dads are all sweaty and sporty in their spandex jogging attire. Moms are just as sweaty, running after the dads. And their kids. While the rest of the world is in frenzy making the most out of the remaining hours of the week, we sit in a quiet corner in Zucchero Cafe in Harbour Square in Metro Manila (right behind CCP) with a smug, snob and royal expression on our faces - oh please Manila, Keep Calm and Eat Your Breakfast! Not just any breakfast but a breakfast buffet. And not just any breakfast buffet but 180-pesos-eat-all-you-can breakfast buffet! And not just an el cheapo breakfast, but a breakfast buffet by the bay! Oh Sunday morning love!

First up, we parked our yacht somewhere safe and within our sight (our captain and caretaker were on leave so we navigated ourselves all the way to our breakfast by the bay!) - haha! Seven o'clock in the morning is a little bit late for this breakfast experience such that the cafe was already full when we arrived. Good thing one of our amigos recognized our importance in the society and the whole world (nyahaha) and found us a sweet spot near the cakes and pastries and within comfortable distance from the buffet table. 

Zucchero according to the very reliable Wikipedia is an Italian rock singer. While I have my doubts about the consistency of the cafe's theme (they serve red eggs and tuyo for breakfast - which I am pretty sure do not make the Italian cut), the breakfast buffet is undeniably a rock star. For the longest time in our before-nine breakfast adventures, it's all pancakes, waffles and potatoes and ham and spam and while I truly, sincerely, honestly love them all, deep down in my golden and beautiful caramel skin (oh yeah), I crave for the Filipino touch. And boy, Zucchero did not disappoint.

oh breakfast love

That's all folks!
Good morning!

All Sunshiny,

Harbour Square,Pedro Bukaneg St.,
CCP Complex
Malate, Manila
open 24/7

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