August 19, 2013

cheer yo's!

hey you :)

First, let us pause for a moment of silence to pray for those who have been adversely affected by the rain. please keep them safe and warm, Lord. Safe and warm.

Second, another moment of silence to thank the Lord that we are okay. That all the rain has done to us is a little inconvenience in commuting to work. A little jump in the heart in fear of another Ondoy 2011 replay. But still, we are fine and dry and okay. Fearful but nonetheless, safe.

Third, I love cereals. Haha! Off topic, I know but the boss has sent us home two hours earlier than usual and what to do with the sudden free time in my hands? Read and write. And Facebook, of course. Tsk. So I came across this article in Buzz Feed on 50 Things only 80's Kids can Understand and realized I only recognize a handful. Then I remembered, I may be born in the 80's but I grew up in the 90's - so it's all Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and Batibot for me! 

In Buzz Feed's article though is one topic which resonates so well with me: #41 Starting Your Day with a Balanced Breakfast. Then the article showed this picture - 80s version of cereals, our generation's Fruit Loops and (poof it became) Koko Krunch!

While sometimes I worry a little about the artificiality of cereals, in truth, I cannot resist trying these colorful crunchy breakfast munchies every time they are available. Wouldn't a breakfast cereals party be a nice idea?? :)

image (minus the text) via wall-art-save

Oh Colors!

All Sunshiny 
(even if it's rainy),



  1. i created my own sunshine over dinner, stay safe and sunny from all the rains.

    1. It was beautiful and you can cook! I have yet to learn that skill, I usually just eat. Haha! Stay safe Miss January and thank you for citing before nine in your entries - will try one of your Sundates too!:) Cheers to breakfast love!