August 19, 2013

Pizza Volante

time check: 8:10 am

Session Road may be overrated for many, but for me, it is still the heart of Baguio City. While Metro Manila brands may have infiltrated the said avenue (it is sad that Starbucks is favored over the local coffee shops, the public market sells coffee beans and boy do the beans smell so good!!; Mc Donald's downgraded the street's charm a bit; and if it were not for the cute yellow vespas, I would have totally hated Yellow Cab's presence) but this part of Baguio City remains worth going to. Especially in the morning. After a long night of rain.

There were so many restaurants which open before nine and offer breakfast meals. Given that it was already our last day in the city on that particular long weekend, I was stressing over which one to choose because I want to try them all!Should we try the bakery and dine al fresco in Dad and I? Should we sample the breakfast treats of Tea House? How about Rosebowl? Or Zola's? Or did we miss Mc Donald's hamdesal and completely sell out?

The night before, our colleague Sir D who lived in Baguio City for 15 years mentioned about a pizza chain which opens 24/7. He told us this is where he and his college friends back in the 90s hang out after a long night of booze and whatever it is the college boys and girls do (haha!). So if a pizza chain opens 24/7 then it must offer breakfast. Hmmmm, time to check in our grumbling bellies in the national hangover tambayan of Baguio City, Pizza Volante.

Yes, there were cigarettes and second hand smoke and bottles of beer, but I felt like a legit Baguio City yuppie on an after-party; winding down after a glorious night of partying (kaya nga after party, ano ba?) with only the coolest kids in town, Justin Bieber (nyahahaha!).

oh breakfast love

(1) pumpkin soup
 How many times have I professed, I am a soup person - I can already contribute in 
Chicken soup for the Teenager's soul if it were really a recipe book (haha, nope, tha't a corny 
joke from a non-cook!). It rained the night before and to flush out the little chills in me, 
I tried their pumpkin soup served with bread. I honestly think they can do better. :)

(2) pizza hanna
all meat and cheese and mexican minus the veggies
You know how I will never eat sinigang in the morning because it is so un-breakfast. 
It simply is not made for the morning palate. Sinigang is good for lunch, even better for dinner 
but dear sinigang, breakfast is off limits. Sinigang for breakfast is sacrilege. This is my same sentiment with pizza. But given that we are in a pizza chain, I might as well give in. 
It's worth the try though. Thank God for gooey melted cheese.

(3) smoked salmon omelette

(4) bacon breakfast starter
oh bacon love!
(5) corned beef hash
potatoes in my trusty dear ol' corned beef - lovely!
i love potatoes. always have. always will.

Cheers to charming mornings to jump start our days!
All Sunshiny,
Session Road, Baguio City  
(074) 445-0777
Open 24/7

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