August 17, 2013

PNKY Travel Cafe

time check: 8:00 am

Before heading up north, I researched about cozy bed and breakfast boutiques in Baguio City and my relentless (naks!) search brought me to PNKY Bed and Breakfast site. I fell instantly in love with the pictures in the web - all homey and warm and simply beautiful. Sad news though, the Bed and Breakfast closed effective May this year and was converted into a spa. I wanted to stage a revolution. The Travel Cafe was maintained though, and they offer breakfast. I knew I just had to go and try. Before another conversion happens. Wag naman sana.
I had a hard time getting up for my breakfast treat. Baguio City has an all year long bed weather. And I wanted my three-day bed weather. But not as much as I want my breakfast experience so I got up. Even when the comforter, the memory foam mattress and the oh-so-fluffy pillows desperately clung onto my slender and svelte frame (double naks) and screamed "Come back!! We are not done yet!!". But the pancakes and hot chocolate drinks won over. 

PNKY Travel Cafe is perched on top of a hill and is surrounded by handsome and masculine pine trees. No, make that young, handsome and masculine pine trees. The place is lovely and homey. The place is itself a story.

oh breakfast love

(1) PNKY Travel Cafe menu 
A menu in the form of a travel Scrapbook. It's every cool high school kid's project!

(2) chocolate de tablea
Two cups of warm and calming chocolate. Oh! I love the popsicle-stick stirrers. 
I'm mababaw that way. :)

(3) leaning tower of pancakes
Its name is cheesy, I know. But it's pure eye candy. If it were not for my grumbling stomach, 
I would have stared at it for one whole day and give it all my love. The strawberries were the 
perfect partners to the sweet pancakes sprinkled with milk powder.
(4) crispy espada
I have not tasted this since forever and I was thrilled that they have this on their menu. 
Such glorious saltiness calmed by vinegar and garlic.

(5) baguio longganisa
Next to Tuguegarao, Baguio has among the best longganisa-makers in the entire world! Salty and garlicky and toasted in perfection. :) Sarap!
Our next itinerary is for breakfast snack (yes, yes) but we were so full our belly sacks can no longer store in the munchies. But every traveler's itinerary is sacred thus must be followed. No matter what. So we allowed the digestive process to take its time and while waiting, we chose to stay in that lovely hill and took photos. Here's some of them (again!):

Oh lovely. Lovely Morning!

All Sunshiny,

13 Leonard Wood 
 Baguio City 
Monday to Saturday - 7:00am to 9:00pm
(+63 74) 442-5965, (+63 922) 842-5965

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