August 16, 2013

Hill Station

 time check: 7:50 am

We had three mornings to spend in Baguio City and my little notebook carried our breakfast plans which we hope to follow by heart. First day, breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins. Second Day, breakfast at the Hill Station. Third, breakfast somewhere along Session Road. My expecting heart took a dive and stopped beating for several seconds when we stopped by Cafe by the Ruins and read the most devastating news there could possibly be on that weekend. By the gate is a huge tarpaulin which announces, "Cafe by the Ruins closed for renovation until August 25,2013".

But Baguio has a million other breakfast options, wonderful ones, babalik-balikan ones - a million and one breakfast options that I played in my head to calm myself. So we fast tracked to breakfast plan #2 and headed to the Hill Station. My adjective-challenged vocabulary will not do justice to the place, the class it permeates and the feel-good vibe one instantly feels on its first sight of the place. I have been here before, two years ago, and I cannot believe I did not give their food a try. The Hill Station is the in-house restaurant of Casa Vallejo in Upper Session Road. It's among Asia's finest restaurants from 2011 to 2013 according to the Miele Guide. According to me, however, it was the perfect place, perfect-est breakfast experience to kick off our breakfast adventures in Baguio City.

The place was quiet. Breakfast diners spoke in hushed tones. The pipe in music, gentle clanging of utensils and the sound of vehicle outside all together created a melody which made me want to remove my shoes and sit by the sofa by the corner overlooking the pine trees and clouds and read a book. Or just stare outside the window. Or just write. Or just meditate - no, I cannot meditate here, it's too beautiful to shut myself out of it. I felt a little bit under-dressed with my Michael Jackson jacket, slippers and un-bathed sexy body (haha! we arrived by the bus two hours earlier, checked in our hotel, rested a little, combed our hair a little then went out for breakfast). It was such a beautiful morning experience that we came back for dinner the next day. :)

Oh happiness! Perfect Climate. Fog in the morning. Pine Trees. So many restaurants which open before nine in the morning. Why was I not born in Baguio City? I was totally made for this!

oh breakfast love

(1) Double Espresso
Perfect for the cold climate.

(2) Mushroom Soup
I am a soup person and needed my fill of warm and comforting soup after a long night of traveling. Like Alan's Double Espresso, this is perfect for the cold climate. For me. :)

(3) Bagel and Yogurt Cream Cheese
 A good morning bread! I always associate bagel with Andrea (Anne Hathaway) in the Devil's Wear Prada. Just saying.

(4) Home Smoked Country Ham 
with garlic fried rice, eggs and pickled cucumber 
Oh so satisfying! I was never into meals with a tinge of sweetness but this one's an exception. Another is my family's recipe of pata-tim. Oh!

(5) Bacon Rashers and Eggs
with choice of Home-made Whole Wheat Toast, butter and jam OR garlic rice
A breakfast staple - bacon. Thin and crispy and a little bit toasted to my belly's delight.

Good Morning Universe!

All Sunshiny,

Casa Vallejo
Upper Session Road
Baguio City
opens starting 7:00 in the morning  


  1. The interiors are beautiful! I want to live there. :)

  2. Yes Bes! :) i super love the huge windows overlooking lots and lots of greens!