November 2, 2013

pan de manila

time check: 8:30 am

The grand plan was breakfast buffet at Finio in Tomas Morato (buffet price is below Php 200!) then tambay time at Evers Cafe in the same area. But we were too lax with time that when we reached our breakfast destination, the rest of the Quezon City crowd was waiting in line to get in the restaurant. I was too hungry to wait so we headed to Bulalo Republic, a few blocks away from Finio, another host to an affordable breakfast buffet. Yep, Quezon City people likes waking up early thus the mushrooming of breakfast spots, me like-y! Good news, no line and a dozen available tables. Bad news, they have the worst service ever and refills take more than 20 minutes - and again, I was too hungry to wait. We were seated already, waiting for the trays of refill to be served on the buffet table, they came in painfully slow trickles (the refills), so we walked out of the restaurant.

Our life saver was Pan de Manila just right across the street. Realizing that it has been years since I have had bread for breakfast (I am an extra rice girl :p), we bought several pieces of medium sized pan de sal (sobrang siksik!) and peanut butter and herbed cream cheese (sobrang sarap!) and took them home. I was secretly heartbroken for not having the breakfast we planned for the day but rekindling our love with good ol' pandesal (and discovering new love with the yummy herbed cream cheese) more than made up for it!

All Sunshiny,

 Pan De Manila
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