November 9, 2013

seattle's again!

time check: 8:50 am

I write this in the midst of a family loss, one which wakes me up in the middle of the night with frantic heartbeat and emptiness. We never saw it coming, in fact, two weeks ago, my tita and cousins came over the city to take a breather from the country life. Weird noh? I have always thought that the rural landscape was never much of a stress.

"Tita, I will treat you for breakfast at Seattle's", I texted. My intention was to share my usual Sunday morning with her, perhaps, with an older cousin for a grownup breakfast date over coffee, bacon and pancakes. I did not want to go too far, so Seattle's, my friendly neighbor will take care of us. But my tita and a supposed older cousin multiplied into nine hungry adults, that I needed to mentally compute in my head if I can still manage the next days before yet another payday after the treat. Thank you Lord for credit cards. Haha!

But really, I do not mind a long table of breakfast treat for the people I care for. I would love to be of service to them no matter what cost and besides, this is the only way I can give back to the family that sheltered and loved me unconditionally. Plus, nine hungry adults provide the necessary "sticker boost" for that dream journal I have set my eyes on for Christmas. Haha! :)

Lord, please look with kindness on the people I love.
Keep our family safe and healthy always.

All Sunshiny,

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