February 27, 2014

Five Mornings

Good Morning! :)

I have a number of stories parked for posting here but somehow, I cannot bring myself to write. It is one of those times again when I shake my world with doubts and insecurities and all the evil emotions that should have been kept inside Pandora's box. Hay naku. So before my writing skills (if ever such existed) get all rusty, I will get into this simple writing exercise. Of going on and on and on until the waterfall of words will flow freely again. The things that I will write down here are inspired by nothing else but the love of morning.

One: Two Mornings Before the New Year
time check: 06:30 am

 The night before my trip back to Manila after the Christmas break, I called my cousin to tell him that we are going to have breakfast at my mommy's (Tita Egie) house. "Please cook rice for everyone", I told him, "I will take care of the rest". My mommy's house has a terrace which overlooks a garden, it is a perfect breakfast place for the family. We woke up early the next day, cooked bacon and fried fish and packed the salted eggs. We walked a good five minutes from our house to our breakfast place. Mommy, Haggy (her son) and Gloria (Haggy's wife) were our gracious hosts. They laid out long tables by the terrace and adorned them with scarves and clothes and brought out the steamy and warm rice. In the picture is Theo's little hands playing with the plates while we were setting up the table. It was a noisy but a truly happy meal.

Two: The Diliman Run
time check: 06:05 am

We look forward to December's and January's not only for the happy holiday vibes but also because my Kuya is usually home at these time of the year. He is based in Dubai. One Sunday morning, we spent our time flexing our muscles and shaking the holiday weight by running around the Acad Oval in UP Diliman. I ran with my nine-year old niece, Tanya and finished one lap only. The rest of the morning saw us eating corn and drinking mango juice in tetra pack.

Three: The Omelet
time check: 06:45 am

My brother treated the family to the beach and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. My dream is to be able to travel with my family and though we were not complete at that time (Isabel and CJ were left in the province and Paul had exams that weekend), this experience is close to heavenly. The picture shows Patis (my younger sister) enjoying her omelet. We had to wait one hour to finally have our piece, this was post-breakfast buffet in La Luz. The sweetest things are worth the wait. :)

 Four: Me Time Morning
time check: 06:00 am

The Introvert's Guide to a Perfect Weekend Morning:

one: An early morning wake up call - 06:00 am. There's nothing lovelier than waking up un-rushed and making the most of the 24 hours we have in a day.

two: A lovely breakfast meal. Bacon makes it lovelier.

three: A book. One that will quiet the mind and transport us to somewhere dreamy. This picture was taken three Sundays ago and my book at that time is Celine Lopez's The Recorded History of A Girl. I have since moved on to Maya Angelou's Singin', Swingin' and Gettin' Merry Like Christmas and then Susan Loomis' On Rue Tatin. I decided to stop buying books since termites attacked my bookshelf three nights ago. I forgot this concern and brought home a book last night. Tsk.

four: A notebook and a pen. They are must have's.

Five: Sundate
time check: 07:30 am

I am a Sidcor Sunday Market regular. I love the energy. I love the affordable clothes and knick knacks. I love the cute dogs and the flowers. I love the food the most! My usual breakfast hunts in the Sunday Market are:

one: Paella from the sweet couple of Casa Paco. I like the partnership of the husband and wife in perfecting the best paella  in town. :) Their giant pans are usually empty by mid morning so one has to be there really early. :)

two: Sausage (usually with creamy mashed potato) from the sexy chef of The Real Hungarian

three: Stuffed Tomatoes from the flavorful Mary's Kitchen

four: Healthy Fruit Juice/s which sell/s for 3 for Php100   


To happy happy mornings!

All Sunshiny,

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