March 8, 2014


time check: 07:38 am

IHOP without a long queue of curious diners, finally!!! :) I keep a list of breakfast haunts which I happily check after every successful visit and this restaurant has been lingering in my list, unchecked for over a year, until two days before Valentine's day 2014! Woohoo!! :) Nope, I am not overly excited about Cupid's play date because I firmly believe that the grand showcase of love should not only happen once a year but everyday. 24/7. For what is life without love? Hahahaha!:) 

I woke up two hours earlier than usual on a weekday for a breakfast date. A birthday breakfast date to be more specific. A birthday breakfast date for Alan the birthday boy to be even more specific. We are different in so many ways but what more than makes up for the gazillion differences is our love for mornings. Yay! :)


To lovely mornings,

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