April 9, 2014

The Breakfast Table

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Hooray for summer!:) I haven't been blogging lately due to a million emotional issues which render one uninspired but no, no, no - this is not the place to discuss that - and although we took a little break from breakfast posts I promise you with all honesty that we have been loyal to our weekend morning rituals. Cross my heart. :) 

Our Breakfast Table story happened a month ago even before the summer season started. I've been meaning to try this quaint little restaurant in our UP Village neighborhood but I've been filling in my weekend mornings with endless list of to do's until I can no longer contain my longing. Naks! So one Saturday morning, we kicked off our day with a breakfast buffet! The restaurant opens at 7 in the morning and offers only the buffet until around 10 am. Only after 10 am will they serve ala carte. Buti nalang, I was born with a bottomless belly to carry all my breakfast baggage. Haha!


The breakfast buffet is a limitless supply of tuna pate, ensalada, bangus, tapa and vigan longganisa fried to crisp which I cannot get enough of!!

After our breakfast date, we stopped by a wall draped in bougainvillea and I just had to have my picture taken. If only I can learn how to pose like how the rest of the selfie world does - haha!

To colorful mornings!!

All Sunshiny,

The Breakfast Table
Maginhawa corner Makadios Street
Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

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